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    Tookan Launches Tracking SDK

    SaaS has proven to be one of the best things that ever happened to computing! Growing at a compound annual growth rate of 18%, this sector is expected to reach a whopping $623 billion by the year 2023. SAAS platforms work the same as a rental service where any business can plugin and subscribe to […]

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    7 Must Have Features for A Taxi Dispatch Software in 2019


    Global taxi market is expected to grow at a fast pace in the next 5 years, owing to increasing demand for ride sharing and rising online taxi booking software. Information like tracking driver’s details, pre-estimated ride fare, ETAs, driver contact details and vehicle details available within the app has increased customer preferences more towards online […]

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    Bolster your System’s Security and Flexibility with Tookan ACL

    Staying up-to-date helps ensure you don’t miss opportunities, become irrelevant or fall behind your competitors. Remember Kodak? They taught us all an invaluable lesson: don’t be afraid to embrace change. All technologies are born out of purpose. When a company is growing, it’s operational needs quickly become more complex. In such a situation, there is […]

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    Tookan: Automate Your Payments Through Stripe Connect

    Customer satisfaction has always been our forte. We have always aimed at simplifying tasks for our stakeholders’ business. After receiving multiple requests from our users, to automate payments for their agents, Tookan introduces Stripe Connect. Stripe Connect is a solution for any business that needs to process payments and pay multiple parties. Connect provides a […]

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    Sneak Peek Into ‘Missions’, Tookan’s Upcoming Feature

    JungleWorks has always strived to give what is expected and even more. Gladly, our zest for going the extra mile has always paid off and helped us make customer satisfaction our forte. Following the mantra of Simplifying Tasks, Tookan introduces a new feature- Missions. The driving force behind this new feature has been those use-cases, […]

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    Tookan-Monibyte Integration: Manage Your Company Credit Card Spending

    Monetary transaction has been a big challenge for companies with business models where the agent has to first buy the product ordered by the customer and then deliver. In such models, the agent has to either use personal cash or company’s cash for the purchase, which made the process complicated. Taking a forward step towards […]

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    Tookan Updates Enriching User Experience

    Jungleworks has always been a customer centric organisation. The yearn for providing a better user experience is something common to every member of our family. Gladly, our zest for innovation has always paid off and has helped us make customer satisfaction our forte. We, therefore, feel proud to have presented few changes to our platform […]

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