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Sneak Peek Into ‘Missions’, Tookan’s Upcoming Feature

By Akhil Yadav 4th September 2018

JungleWorks has always strived to give what is expected and even more. Gladly, our zest for going the extra mile has always paid off and helped us make customer satisfaction our forte. Following the mantra of Simplifying Tasks, Tookan introduces a new feature- Missions.

The driving force behind this new feature has been those use-cases, which need multiple types of workmen and have a longer service period. Let’s take the case of a construction project where there might be a requirement of multiple pick-up and delivery agents, labourers and engineers at the same time. If one has to create individual tasks for each one of them, this might turn into a very tedious job! Adding to the woes, you will have to repeat this everyday!

In order to simplify this complex task, Tookan is introducing Missions. A Mission consists of multiple tasks belonging to multiple workflows (Pickup & Delivery/ Appointments/ Field Workforce) and each could be assigned to multiple agents. So, if a business has such a diverse need, then instead of creating multiple individual tasks it can create just one ‘Mission’. Once the Mission is dispatched for assignment, agents are assigned corresponding to their workflow. As the Mission is in progress, you can track the overall status of the Mission as well as the status of the individual tasks within each Mission.

We believe that Missions is going to solve problems for many businesses and will open up newer avenues for application of Tookan. The feature is expected to be live by September. Keep yourself updated to know more!

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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