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Bolster your System’s Security and Flexibility with Tookan ACL

By Akhil Yadav 30th January 2019

Staying up-to-date helps ensure you don’t miss opportunities, become irrelevant or fall behind your competitors. Remember Kodak? They taught us all an invaluable lesson: don’t be afraid to embrace change.

All technologies are born out of purpose. When a company is growing, it’s operational needs quickly become more complex. In such a situation, there is a need of a system which can provide flexibility as well as security in operations.

With the growing number of users on Tookan, their requirements have also proliferated. Users needed managers and agents for different roles and thus with different permissions which were not possible to accommodate with the existing system. Thus, the need of a system which could provide this flexibility paved a way to the idea of ACL.  

Access control list (ACL) refers to the permissions attached to an object that specifies which users are granted access to that object and the operations it is allowed to perform. Each entry in an access control list specifies the subject and an associated operation that is permitted.


ACL in Tookan helps you define roles with permissions as per your requirement. For a manager’s role, these permissions can be related to tasks, agents, customers, teams, and settings. So one can give permissions to his manager to add or delete a task/agent/customer/team depending on his requirement. Similarly in Agent ACL, one can give access to his agents to add/edit a task or edit his work schedule.

Admin can create a number of roles with a set of permissions in ACL. Further, while adding a manager/agent, he can simply assign a role to that particular manager/agent.

The effectiveness of access control lies in its simplicity. This is the reason we have tried our best to make this feature simple and usable.

Check this demo for ACL Managers.

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