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Tookan: Automate Your Payments Through Stripe Connect

By Akhil Yadav 28th September 2018

Customer satisfaction has always been our forte. We have always aimed at simplifying tasks for our stakeholders’ business. After receiving multiple requests from our users, to automate payments for their agents, Tookan introduces Stripe Connect.

Stripe Connect is a solution for any business that needs to process payments and pay multiple parties. Connect provides a powerful API and other tools which are required to make charges, as well as onboard, verify, and pay sellers, contractors, service providers, and whosoever is your business’s user.

The integration of Tookan with Stripe Connect will allow businesses to pay their agents’ earnings. Clients in all the 25 countries supported by Stripe (namely Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Italy, and Portugal) can use this feature. The agents need to first register on Stripe by filling the required details on the Tookan agent app. Once they are linked with the admin’s Stripe account, money can be transferred from admin’s Stripe account to agent’s account. Stripe Connect also provides the flexibility to the admin to schedule the transfer of money from his/her Stripe account to the agent’s bank account. 

The amount, that is to be transferred to the agent, for each task, is calculated as per the formula set in the Task Pricing & Agent Earning add-on. Currently, the agent’s earning is calculated only based on the distance travelled during a task and is used mainly for Pick-up & Delivery tasks. In order to make the earning rule usable for Appointment and Field Workforce tasks as well, a modified earning rule will be launched very soon. With the new rule, the users will be able to import any value entered into the custom fields of the selected template and pay a percentage of that value as a commission to the agents. For instance, take the case of a house cleaning task for which the service provider earns 100$. If he wants to pay 10% of the total billed amount to the agent automatically, he can do that with this new rule.

By automating the payments for agents, we hope this integration will simplify the day-to-day operations for our users.

Please check the following link for Stripe Connect pricing:

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