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7 Must Have Features for A Taxi Dispatch Software in 2019

By Akhil Yadav 20th February 2019

Global taxi market is expected to grow at a fast pace in the next 5 years, owing to increasing demand for ride sharing and rising online taxi booking software. Information like tracking driver’s details, pre-estimated ride fare, ETAs, driver contact details and vehicle details available within the app has increased customer preferences more towards online booking options and opened up the market for more players.

Online vs Offline

In recent years, new business models and innovative technologies have appeared in many countries and cities across the globe. Companies like Uber, Lyft, Didi Dache, and Grab are some of the biggest on-demand taxi service providers that have brought a revolution with their ride-hailing apps and have been readily taken up by consumers, where they have been introduced.

Keeping in mind the market-size and the limited number of ride-hailing companies, companies provide technology platforms that involve booking and payments systems, and ridesharing services, using private vehicles for passenger transport. Sharing economy platforms make it easier for customers to engage directly with service providers. Customers are also provided with convenience, information, and opportunity for price comparison in advance.

Catering to the Increasing Demand for Ridesharing

The ridesharing segment generally covers online platforms and apps, which brings together both passengers and drivers. Tookan Taxi was born to help this industry and help the businesses grow. It is a problem-solver for passengers as it gives an instant solution to all those people, who need a taxi quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Tookan Taxi is a one-stop solution to your taxi business. Tookan Taxi provides interfaces for the three stakeholders i.e.

Customer app where the customers book rides, track drivers, make payments and share reviews.

Customer Tookan Taxi

Driver app where the drivers get notified of new rides and get real-time updates on routes.

Driver Tookan Taxi

Manager app/dashboard which is a centralized platform for the business owner in order to track all drivers, manage assignment, scheduling and pricing.

A robust platform provides a number of vital and desirable features for a successful taxi app. Some of the prominent ones are as follows:  

  • Surge: It allows you to increase the ride fare during busy hours.
  • Pooling: Just like UberPool, Tookan Taxi allows ride pooling in order to save riders money.
  • Scheduled rides: With this feature customer can schedule rides for the future.
  • Payment integrations: Tookan allows your customer to pay via multiple payment options like cash, credit cards and payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal etc. Similarly, you can automate the driver earning using Stripe Connect.
  • Geofencing: Geofencing allows you to divide your workforce region-wise, allowing your drivers to receive rides only in their geofence.
  • Recurring rides: It’s an upcoming feature where the customer will be able to book recurring rides at once by setting a recurring rule.
  • Multiple offerings: Businesses having multiple offerings like a delivery service and taxi ride can have both of the offerings in one app.

Tookan Taxi provides you with all the features necessary to bring your taxi business online. So, if you as a startup are ready to take a plunge to embark with the ride-hailing services and get Uber-like success, then quickly start with the ready-to-use Tookan Taxi app.Check our demo video.

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