• Empowering Fieldforce

    Tookan partners with GloriaFood for the ultimate ordering and delivery experience

    With the rapid growth of the food delivery market, the competition intensifies among the online ordering systems, convenience being the name of the game. On one hand side are the foodies, more and more mobile and tech-affine. On the other side are the restaurants, engaged in this marathon of keeping up with the new demands […]

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    Let’s raise a toast on-demand!

    The on-demand economy has been catching headlines all over the world. Food, groceries, taxi, laundry, clothing, medicines – well, all these are among the basic necessities that are being ordered online by many for some time now. However, as the space gets bigger and better, start-ups are getting more creative and are attempting to stretch […]

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    Tookan makes its interface more intuitive

    Ask business owners whose business runs on wheels about the biggest impediment with technology adoption for fleet and delivery management. And you would be surprised to know that it is actually nothing else but the lack of user friendliness and accessibility of technology tools that forces them to abandon technology altogether. We at Tookan, have […]

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    The Changing Face of the Taxi Industry

    The on-demand taxi booking industry has come a long way, where Uber brought the waves of change and others eventually joined the wagon. The recent turmoil faced by the revolutionary player is stealing its limelight away, letting others in the industry capture a small pie of the market share. The industry is already thriving and […]

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    When We Ate Our Own Dog Food: Innovating with Last Mile Deliveries

    For a while now, last-mile deliveries are proving to be a complex puzzle for on-demand enterprises to decipher. With multiple players entering the field, it has become imperative for businesses to get every micro-transaction right. Given the number of atomic transactions which depend upon successful last-mile deliveries, companies are always looking for tools to enhance […]

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    Tookan launches the Manager App to simplify administration

    The biggest challenge faced in workforce and fleet management is catering to the on-the go tasks. With Tookan’s administrative dashboard, management becomes a child’s play. That said, it is impossible to be available on the desktop round the clock. No doubt, Tookan redefined delivery tracking system. At the same time, managers found it difficult to […]

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    Tookan enables Jugnoo to cope up with the festive demand !

    Holi is an Indian festival of colors, played widely across the country with complete zest and fervor. The excitement usually begins a few days prior, where the nearby markets stock themselves up with all the blues, reds, pinks, yellows, etc to kick-start the celebrations. Jugnoo, with an endeavor to aid the country in festivities, launched […]

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    A New Office, A New Beginning!

    “My team is my biggest strength, and we are together on our way to conquer our dreams” – Samar Singla, CEO, Tookan. With a pen and diary in hand, the CEO chalks out a growth plan for his team every morning. All set to announce the launch of the new office, the aim is to […]

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    Grab On Rent – Success Story

    “Businesses have spent centuries making buying really easy. We’re just at the beginning of making sharing easy.” – Shubham Jain, CEO- Grab On Rent Looking to rent different products? GrabOnRent has it all – furniture, party accessories, camping gear and many more. Headquartered in Bangalore with over 50 employees, the company is already making a […]

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    How SaaS solutions might bring a respite post the H1B visa ruling

    The recent set of reforms introduced by the US Government aiming to double the minimum salary of H-1B visa holders to USD 130,000 from the current level of USD 60,000 has sent ripples of shock in the economy worldwide. IT firms have been the first ones to drop their hats down, anticipating turbulent times ahead, […]

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