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Tookan enables Jugnoo to cope up with the festive demand !

By Team Tookan 15th March 2017

Holi is an Indian festival of colors, played widely across the country with complete zest and fervor. The excitement usually begins a few days prior, where the nearby markets stock themselves up with all the blues, reds, pinks, yellows, etc to kick-start the celebrations. Jugnoo, with an endeavor to aid the country in festivities, launched an exclusive mobile app-based Holi campaign #RangDe, aiming to deliver colors at the doorstep of people.

The campaign was about selling Rangon ki potli’ across 17 cities of the country including Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmadabad, Pune, Bhopal, etc, where the team got special packs made comprising of herbal colors and balloons, selling them at affordable prices. The campaign was launched three days prior to the festival, ie on March 9, where the orders started pouring in abundance, exceeding the expectations tremendously. A lot of smiles surfaced up as massive demand was witnessed coming from all across, and the fact that a lot of people are looking forward to celebrate the festival, filled us with a sense of pride, as it was an initiative by Jugnoo to spread love across the country.

Orders were many and the celebrations had to continue. Jugnoo had to ensure a timely, quick delivery to all, without any miss, definitely. Though the company had appointed an enormous fleet of 4,000 auto drivers and bikers solely for the purpose, the situation was challenging and the occasion was rare. Tookan, with its advanced delivery management solutions, managed all of it with ease and accuracy by ensuring a timely delivery flow.

Incoming orders were well distributed among the drivers and all of them were managed efficiently. Tookan’s Geo-Analytics helped the company figure out the areas from where the maximum demand was arising, and appointed more delivery personnel to serve there. The interesting insights and trends lent a good perspective as to how to proceed with the campaign. The geo-fencing feature of Tookan proved to be a boon, as the task originating from a particular area could very well be assigned to the agent located nearby at the given point of time. Route Optimization was another powerful tool in the hands of the drivers of Jugnoo, which laid down the shortest possible routes for them to reach the destinations. Time-saving and cost-saving!

The campaign emerged successful as it managed to fetch a large number of orders and ensured timely delivery to all. The average delivery time was reduced by almost 50 per cent, and the delivery costs were also slashed. As the country celebrated the festival of colors, the team of Jugnoo had more reasons to celebrate. A big thanks to Tookan!

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