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Tookan makes its interface more intuitive

By Team Tookan 27th March 2017

Ask business owners whose business runs on wheels about the biggest impediment with technology adoption for fleet and delivery management. And you would be surprised to know that it is actually nothing else but the lack of user friendliness and accessibility of technology tools that forces them to abandon technology altogether. We at Tookan, have heard you. After many long brain-teasing nights and lot of caffeine intake, we are thrilled to have reached a new landmark. We have a new transformed Tookan….

After the successful release of our Manager app, we now bring to you a fresh, new and evolved interface of Tookan Dashboard.
Check out the screenshots below:

Rohit Goyal (CEO, Tookan) and the team have always been passionate about what they do. Here’s what the CEO has always conveyed to the businesses out there –

“We are your partners in growth, and not just solution providers. Our mission is to help you grow your business with ease, and we would continue to make the right efforts to make things better for you.”

And that’s what has been happening, precisely.

Dashboard is a powerful tool in the hands of businesses, and the power needs to be continuously enhanced, to make sure that it doesn’t get stale. The new interface seems to go an extra mile, by presenting the plethora of information, of course useful, in a stunning manner. Speed and productivity? It’s bound to go up! You could dive into your day’s tasks, track your team and manage operations with ease, with the simple, intuitive interface that displays all the features clearly, with bleak chances of anything getting missed by the user. The new user-focused design also highlights the business insights and trends, all in an exciting and informative way. Lot of existing features have been enhanced and some new ones added with a simple, consistent and responsive layout. Well, bring it on!

As the team was busy making the final, last-minute touches to the new UI, fingers were crossed hoping that the users get overjoyed and have a wow or a near-wow experience. We are waiting! Let us know what you think and how can we make it more awesome for you. Cheers!

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