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Tookan partners with GloriaFood for the ultimate ordering and delivery experience

By Team Tookan 19th April 2017

With the rapid growth of the food delivery market, the competition intensifies among the online ordering systems, convenience being the name of the game.

On one hand side are the foodies, more and more mobile and tech-affine. On the other side are the restaurants, engaged in this marathon of keeping up with the new demands and trends. The ordering systems bridge these two sides, promising ordering choices for food-clients with minimum effort from the restaurants.

GloriaFood is an online ordering system that we chose to partner with. They were the first ones to introduce online ordering on a freemium model. This means that ordering is completely free, no commissions or fees. They monetize from other features that the restaurants can opt for.

Just like us, GloriaFood believes that food-clients should have a great experience with online ordering and delivery. Our platforms together can make this happen, without ripping off restaurants of their already low margins.

The GloriaFood system is available in almost 40 languages and is being used in restaurants worldwide.
See how it works:

What is part of the GloriaFood offering?

GloriaFood stands for enabling restaurant managers to easily do tech things themselves. It all start in the Admin Panel, a super user-friendly web app where the restaurant manager configures the restaurant profile and menu (all visual, clicks and drag & drop).

GloriaFood Admin Panel

The core (and free) functionality includes:

    • Online ordering – from the restaurant website, Facebook page and mobile app.
    • Order taking app – used by the restaurant on a smartphone or tablet to accept orders.
  • Reporting – sales reports and customers exports

Free online ordering system by GloriaFood

In addition, there are modules that “auto-magically” get things done for the restaurant managers:

    • Sales & SEO optimized website generator.
    • Promotions and coupons engine.
  • Branded mobile app generator.

Check out this demo restaurant to see the system in action. For details about how Tookan integrates with GloriaFood, read this blog-post.

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