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    How SaaS solutions might bring a respite post the H1B visa ruling

    The recent set of reforms introduced by the US Government aiming to double the minimum salary of H-1B visa holders to USD 130,000 from the current level of USD 60,000 has sent ripples of shock in the economy worldwide. IT firms have been the first ones to drop their hats down, anticipating turbulent times ahead, […]

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    Mobile Customer Apps – The Smarter way to do Business

    The emergence of on-demand business represents an unprecedented paradigm shift, akin to the proliferation of the internet in the 90’s. The manner in which commerce is done has completely transformed in the last decade or so. Consequently, consumer behaviour too has entered a completely unfamiliar space. With instant access to an increasing number of smartphones, […]

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    Supply-Demand Conundrum: How Tookan Solves the Puzzle of Service Efficiency?

    The ‘Uber for X’ business model has come a long way from being a mere disruption. Today, the model is being inculcated by enterprises across the globe looking to impart utility services in existing markets. Some have even gone beyond the convention and created markets for the services they have to offer. Thus, one can […]

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    Make or Break: How Service Providers Dictate the Fate of an Enterprise?

    What drives the fate of any On-Demand enterprise? Is it all about the service being offered? Can one narrow down the aspects to the branding budget and the uniqueness of the service? In the equation of any ‘Gig’ Economy, the variables are plenty, and often, we witness enterprises crashing out of the competition because they […]

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    Tracking SDKs Now Available on Tookan

    Real-Time Tracking Integration for existing customer apps! We at Tookan believe in minimizing your time and effort spent in managing logistical and operational tasks, which can be otherwise mitigated with technological aid. Only when an entrepreneur is freed from the need to micro-manage each and every detail, can a business truly blossom! Most of our […]

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    Tookan: SaaS approach for cost-effective,fast sharing economy solutions

    Software Solutions have single-handedly revolutionized the on-demand space. The convenience and flexibility they offer to businesses have been the unsung heroes behind the scenes, making it possible for the industry to expand into novel possibilities. What makes SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products so effective? The short answer is that they do away with the tedious process of […]

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    For businesses to provide impeccable & well timed appointment based services to their clients.

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    Pickup & Delivery

    Streamline your pickup & delivery process. Easily schedule, dispatch any tasks to agents and track them in real-time.

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    Mobile Workforce

    Manage your on field personnel dynamically and keep them organized, productive and always up to date.

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    Our Guide To Surfing The Logistics Tide

    This eBook aims to educate you about Tookan and its services in some depth – also discussing its applicability to various sectors in the on-demand economy. In that vein, it is our belief that this will create a concise, uncomplicated image of the technology that we use, and the various solutions that we can provide […]

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