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Amplify CRM experience with Bulbul

By Priyanka 16th September 2020

Whether it’s a great tech infrastructure or tools required by your sales team, you would want to invest in the best technology that there is in your company. And to keep your company running, you need to generate revenue consistently.

When we talk about making money, what comes to our minds? The sales team.  To ensure a constant and smooth sales process, a competent and intelligent CRM is imperative. Productive sales teams are 81% more likely to use CRM consistently.

With fierce competition prevailing in the market, nurturing a healthy relationship with clients and being receptive of their needs is need of the hour. And this is where a  robust CRM like Bulbul can come in handy.

Our agile CRM system Bulbul comes packed with powerful features a sales team in 2020 needs on-the-go. So, why Bulbul?

Collaborate with your team with no hurdles!

With teams operating remotely now, seamlessly managing workflows is very important since none of you are physically present to do it. This is where Bulbul makes management and communication become a lot easier for your entire team.

You can easily invite your team members and assign them leads on Bulbul. Assign activities for your members and set reminders so that they know what is next on their calendar. You can also control who can access what data on Bulbul by defining permissions.

Stay in touch with your clients even at home

Not available somewhere physically? No worries!

With Bulbul’s seamless chat support system, your team can stay connected with your clients from one place, regardless of where you or they are. You will not need to worry about the queries or follow-ups since Bulbul will record and track all communication from one place.

Why is Bulbul the ideal CRM system for sales teams in 2020?

Bulbul takes into account of all touchpoints during the sales process and generates penetrative insights for key management decisions.

View & Track leads – Get actionable reports and insights on leads captured over time. Track and filter lead by owner and touchpoints and get a better understanding of lead quality.

Mobile CRM – According to a study, teams can see a 26.4% hike in their productivity using a mobile CRM. Through Bulbul mobile app, you can seamlessly record, track, and access your phone’s data on-the-go!

Bulbul Calling – Communicate easily with Bulbul Calls. Make, receive, and record calls easily with Bulbul.

Manage Clients – Provide better service and harbor quality relationships with your clients by tracking and managing client data on Bulbul. You are more likely to convert leads when you are thorough with client requirements.

Super-easy Integrations –  Whether it is Gmail, Facebook, or your website,

you can easily integrate the platforms with Bulbul to import generated leads through our open APIs.

E-mail Tracking – Ramp up your email game, and get a quicker response from potential clients. Choose from ready-made email templates, and communicate with your clients smoothly. Automate you’re follow up emails based on set triggers.

If you want to have a full experience of Bulbul’s CRM, you can try it for free for 14 days! Sign up here.

If you loved knowing how Bulbul can change how your sales team works on this blog, you might also like checking out our Youtube channel.! Or visit our Homepage for more.

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