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12 Trending Products to Sell online & Ideas for Marketing them

By Tanvir Singh 3rd December 2020

Creating a fantastic experience is the key to your customer’s hearts. For that, doing marketing right is imperative for sure. But another aspect that cannot be ignored is to embrace the change. Whatever is shown gets sold, so showing them the right way is essential, but ‘what to show’ is also important. Finding trending products to sell online is a daunting task. Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

Hot trending products to sell this year:

Exercise bands

So, what if you cannot go to the gym? Bring the gym to you! As a result of the prevalent conditions, restrictions, and even health concerns, gyms have either been shut or don’t seem a safe enough option to workout. Consequentially people started working out at home, and these resistance bands have been selling like hotcakes because they come convenient in targeting certain muscle groups. To market exercise bands, you can make good use of tools like blogs, vlogs, social media posts to inform people about the use of your product and even other related niche products. These tools can also be a way to portray the fine quality of your products and fetch high ratings because remember, customers prefer to go with the suppliers having the best ratings in case of such products.

Laptop skins

Laptops are considered to be important possessions for one. As much important as they are, they have also become like friends to us humans. These factors contribute to people changing their laptop skins a greater number of times than they change their laptops. In fact, laptop skins in itself are a product that becomes trending at intervals and can fetch handsome profits. The fuel to the fire of demand for laptop skins has been contributed majorly because of WFH becoming a trend. According to google trends, interest in laptop skins has started to peak again after September 2019, and a trend is also observed where people look for laptop skins for their specific laptops like mac, hp, etc. Google Ads targets the best way to promote this product.

Peel-off face mask

With COVID kicking in and people going back to homes, there is a dire need to find something to release the stress and soothe yourself. How can one not talk about face masks and skincare and self-care products when it comes to this? The pandemic has bolstered the searches for peel-off masks. One interesting thing spotted was that they are now warmly welcomed by men too and not just women. Peel-off mask is something that trends for a long period and not just small intervals, so it gets imperative to ensure that the content reaches the right audience. They are not just googled but searched over YouTube and Insta too. You can create catchy blogs, appealing visuals, informative posts, enticing Insta stories/reels, or even entertaining videos. You might make use of a Q&A pattern, get an influencer to endorse your product, run a contest. Don’t forget to add relevant and trending hashtags.

Board Games

This pandemic caused chaos, but it brought one beautiful thing with it. And that was bringing family members to close. Many people got to spend some quality time with their loved ones, which they earlier couldn’t. Families reunited and bonded over so many things, and one of them was board games. They are not pricey, and if marketed right, they can easily be snapped up. One interesting way to market these would be to develop interesting and enticing posts or videos across such games. Post your content in niche groups on social media platforms that are dedicated to such games. Tying up with streamers to get your product promoted can also be a really effective way to grab your customers’ attention.

Nail Polish

Now that people stay at their homes and have more time for themselves, self-care and beauty products have seen a surge. Nail extensions have found a fireball place in trending products. Now nail polish has joined the league. The market for nail polish is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of approximately 9.5%, and that itself speaks volumes about the popularity nail polish has gained again. This is a simple yet effective product that can drive appealing profits. People are experimenting with their nails, and they want more and more eye-pleasing choices. To market your products, make sure you put your most innovative and colorful pieces on display. When variety is to be displayed, what can be a better option than multi-image posts on Instagram!


Lately, people haven’t just started paying more attention to themselves, but they also give a fair share of their attention to their home sweet homes. This is one reason why a surge in home décor products has been observed. One product in that segment that has really taken the market by storm is rugs. It was interesting to see that, as per the stats, rugs have been witnessing a peak for the first time after approximately five years. Though it might seem simple, these rugs are very intricate. They are available in beautiful and interesting colors, designs, patterns, and whatnot. One of the effective techniques would be to come up with informative content around them. Having targeted ads can also drive relevant traffic. Collaborating with interior designers and getting your product recommended can also help you in enticing your customers.

Water bottles

When does staying hydrated becomes bad, and when do water bottles not trend? It would be an arduous task to think of such a time! Gym freaks once contributed to a surge in demand for fancy bottles. Still, with people discovering their creative souls and trying DIY décor ideas, water bottles are again trending for a unique reason. With sustainability and environmental safety becoming an important concern, there is also an increasing pattern observed in reusable bottles. The best way to market these multi-tasking bottles would be to display these bottles’ glorious multi-usage via videos or Insta posts. For reusable water bottles, targeted ads can also come in handy.

Kitchen & dining room furniture

With family members coming close and people exploring the chef inside them because of that extra time on their hands, cooking for family and eating with the family has become a pleasure. Probably this, along with the will to refurbish homes, is what has put kitchen furniture and dining room furniture in the spotlight. This furniture is sought after not just because of its functionality but also because of its rich aesthetic value. Thus, quality blogs studded with classy pictures of your furniture can be an effective tool to attract your audience online. Carousel Insta posts can also come in handy in exhibiting your furniture’s beauty and charming your customers with the same.


With chilly breezes wrapping the environment all around us, all people want to do is go to their comfy cozy blankets and get hugged by them. Now that winter has kicked in, these plush blankets are selling like hotcakes! According to stats, the term blankets have witnessed an increase in the trend with noticeable peaks during winter. This is the time for you sellers to cash in on the opportunity. Blankets come in all colors, patterns, and whatnot and the best thing is that they all are beautiful. Blogs, visuals, videos, and carousel posts can come in handy in exhibiting your blankets’ quality and beauty. You can also get influencers to market your products.

Jigsaw Puzzles

The jigsaw puzzle has always been a stress buster. It is one of the most creative ways too. The beauty in ‘small pieces coming together to make a big picture’ has something really soothing about it. This year has seen a trend of family members coming close and bonding over fun activities. Well, how can the jigsaw puzzle not be a member of this race? According to Google trends, there was an uptrend in searches for jigsaw puzzles. Post your content in niche groups on social media platforms that are dedicated to such games. Tying up with streamers to get your product promoted can also be a really effective way to grab the attention of your customers.

Yoga & Pilates mats

 Since the time health consciousness has become a trend, yoga mats have witnessed an increase in interest. With other workout forms becoming famous like power yoga, yoga dance combo, Pilates, etc., these mats have become even more desirable. What aided the increase in demand is the ‘workout from the home trend.’ Consequently, the term mats have gathered a lot of searches this year. The best technique to market such products would be to come up with creative posts around these mats. Interesting campaigns motivating people to take up health challenges can also be thought of. Getting famous people who are followed for their workout tips to endorse your product can also go a long way.

Face shield

The demand for pretty scarves never dies. Recently there has been an uptrend in these lovely bandanas cum face shields. Adding face shields to your portfolio can enhance your ROI. The most efficient way to market these products would be Insta carousel posts highlighting your products’ beauty. Getting influencers to endorse your products basis quality and designs can also drive a lot of traffic to your place.

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