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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Apparel Marketplace

By Tannu Sharma 30th June 2020

Creating an online marketplace can be a bit of a challenge. However, the below step by step guide can make things easy for you.

Know Your Clientele 

It is critical to first classify your target consumers, i.e., if your online apparel business will cater to men, women or children, or is specifically intended for maternity, or new-borns. No matter what you choose, always start off with a compact clientele, and then expand it along with your business.

Know Your Clientele.

Selecting a Niche 

The primary reason behind the popularity of some online apparel marketplaces is they zeroed in on one selective niche that serves the demands of the consumers and merchants within the decided niche. This signifies that in order to create an online marketplace, it is extremely essential to choose a niche marketing that your online marketplace will cater to.

Planning your budget 

Starting an online clothing business needs capital for smooth operation, just like any other business. Even though, the principal benefits of creating an online marketplace are relatively low budget. But there are certain elements of your online marketplace that demand capital. These include:

  • Platform: Employing a hosted online marketplace platform like JungleWorks is your budget friendly partner. 
  • Advertising for Merchants: To start a business, you must first spread the word to the relevant merchants to draw them to set up virtual shops on your marketplace to sell their products. This demands a lot of advertising like digital advertising on social media platforms, print advertising, influencer advertising, etc. where your niche stands out. 
  • Advertising for Customers: Advertising is also meant to seize the attention of customers as well. Hence, you need to exhibit your latest products on all mediums of advertising platforms displaying why they need to visit your site and shop from your online marketplace.

Focusing on the outcome of the online marketplace

Focusing on the end-result of the online marketplace is as essential as other determinants. Chalk out the ultimate goal that you desire to accomplish with your online marketplace, that can add value as a niche market.

The purpose of any online marketplace is to be a connecting point for buyers and sellers within a niche either to rent or sell goods or services. Since you are planning to start an online apparel marketplace, it is essential to determine what you want to serve and what you want to accomplish out of it.

Which software to use to create it?

The best part of starting an online clothing business is the platform used. While you have two major options to choose from, to create your own online B2B marketplace:

(i) Create your online store from scratch

(ii) Offer your products on online marketplaces such as Amazon, Myntra, and Jabong

(iii)You may opt for a SaaS (Software as a Service) e-commerce solution to create your own online marketplace.

While the first option is time-consuming and demands a lot of money, the second option, but to stand out, you either need to have good company reviews, trend-setting products, or extremely lower prices to seize the attention of the audience. Online marketplaces also take a commission on the sale of your products. So, you may not enjoy the entire profit.

However, the third option is the best as it does not eat up the entire budget on extensive resources or demands any share of profit and it is more easy going than any other option listed above. You can have your own online marketplace set up in minutes. Talking of online marketplace creation platforms, the best we can recommend for building your own online marketplace is JungleWorks.

Tiger powered by Jungleworks is well-acknowledged as a dependable, user-friendly, innovative, and cost-effective route to start your own online marketplace of any kind – hyperlocal, freelancer, consultation, rental, etc. Its advanced software enables entrepreneurs to create a rich-featured and well-designed marketplace in the most productive, economical and reliable way. It assembles all the required workforce under one umbrella, taking all responsibility and accountability and ultimately saving you the hassle of dealing with different verticals for different purposes.

Simply choose your desired domain name on JungleWorks, and fill your website with all the necessary information to go live, like:

  • Few essential pages – shipping, return policy, collection categories, contact information, FAQ’s, size chart, feedback, etc.
  • HD photographs – online apparel demo, multiple views, picture zoom, model shoots, etc.
  • The size chart – an international size chart with the sizes available.
  • Detailed description – be as detailed as you can be with the products – colour, size, fabric, length, etc. You can also employ SEO and incorporate google keywords to increase online visibility.
  • Product pricing – review and analyse your competitor’s pricing model and keep your pricing relative considering shipping and other costs involved.
  • Cataloguing – keep it as simple as you can. A user-friendly catalogue is always impressive and appealing to users. Segregate collections depending on wear type – formal, casual, party, or men, women or kids. Also, keep the latest collections at the home page. Remember to set up cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to bring in more merchants.

Final Words

To conclude, before going live, it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of how to start a clothing brand online. This article will serve you with all the necessary information that you need to understand what all is needed for a cost-effective start-off. For everything else, trust JungleWorks

Your answer to how to start selling clothes from home begins with us. We master in keeping it simple, efficient and neatly-organized with a bent of innovation and creativity for starting your online marketplace on a hosted platform.

All the best!

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