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Want to be an online florist? Read this first.

By Tahira Bhasin 20th June 2022

A florist with a brick-and-mortar store or just a flower lover, totally new to the online flower delivery business, either way, this blog will be an asset to you. And you could be anywhere in the world. 

Take our word for it. 

So, shall we start? Facts first. 

With not much information available on the internet regarding the online floral market, we had to really scratch our heads to kind of make our point to you. 

Everybody knows e-commerce is growing and everyone says that hyperlocal commerce is the future. 

You must have also noticed the change around. But, does the business have scope and how much? 

Well, more and more consumers are shifting online to buy clothes, food items, stuff for decoration and flowers. Flowers, really?

Yes, we are talking of roses, lilies, carnations and that mixed bouquet full of rainbow colors here. 

If you thought flowers can’t be bought with a click, here’s what you need to look at. 

How old is the flower delivery business

Now, everybody has always loved flowers, ofcourse, except my mom. She has a strange reason to avoid them.

Barring her, Valentine’s Day or not, flowers have been a favorite and lately they have made our entry into our lifestyle. And research says, they are not going anywhere. 

The future looks bright and yellow but let’s go back into their past. 

The flower delivery business started in the late 19th century in the Netherlands which still continues to be their biggest exporter. 

This is a flower market in Amsterdam.
A flower market in Amsterdam

Ok, let me add a fact here. 

According to the BBC, the world’s largest global auction for flowers began in a pub.

Isn’t that interesting.

Also, a blog by Serenata Flowers mentions that the global flower market started off as 3 billion US dollars in the 1950s and went upto 100 billion US dollars in 1994. 

Old is gold, they say. 

Cut flowers: Demand and Supply

Before getting into the business, one must understand the concept of cut flowers. They are the ones that are sold at your florist. 

Wikipedia says cut flowers are flower buds often with some stem and leaf that have been cut from the plant bearing it. 

So, they are separated first and then re-planted again to grow as cut flowers. 

For more, you can watch some floriculture videos on Youtube later.

As per government statistics, the market for cut flowers and ornamental plants was worth 1.3 billion pounds in 2018 in the UK. 

And they are not the producers. 

For more than 200 years, the Netherlands has been cultivating cut flowers. 

Remember, the interesting fact about the pub I mentioned earlier. It is now known as the Royal FloraHolland auction house at Aalsmeer, near Amsterdam. 

Just in case, you want to pay a visit!

So, there is a perfect system set in place for the demand and supply of cut flowers. 

Flower Delivery: Handle with care 

Numbers speak of the intensity and vastness of the business. 

It is a b(l)ooming industry and looks like an attractive offer to bid for. 

But all is not rosy and like every other industry, this too is full of ups and downs. 

The business is dependent on many external factors and requires a lot of blood and sweat.

That’s where exactly the fragrance is coming from. 

If you are already into the flower business, you probably have an idea of the risks and the investment involved. 

Female worker supervising plants production
Female worker supervising plants production

The whole process from the farms to your customers’ homes is a delicate one. 

It involves workers, farmers, wholesalers, airlines, cargo ships, traders, florists and supermarkets.

And the main challenge is to keep them fresh. Which is why they are transported in a dormant state and as time goes by, the pressure increases. 

Very delicate. 

I will not get into the details here but professionals mention that it is a back-breaking business and thorough calculation is a must before taking your call.

Till now, we have a fair idea of the flower delivery business. Now, let us move our focus to the online industry. 

How big is the online trade?

According to Florist Guide, the online floral industry in the US is worth around 5 billion dollars. 

They say, “Buying flowers in physical shops is gradually losing popularity because online flower shops have witnessed an 11.8% growth in recent years, as online flower sales statistics indicate.

In addition, people in the US are getting used to ordering flowers online from 230 existing flower businesses online, which have 4,962 employees.

And with Covid coming into the picture, it is getting all the more rosy. 

In a report by Financial Times, John Hackett, CEO of Arena Flowers, says, “Many customers forced into online purchases had ‘Found it a better experience that they expected. Much older people, who we assumed would not buy online, adopted really quickly.”

So, the roses are definitely blooming, at their own pace. 

Online flower delivery: What are the perks?

Selling your flowers online is a new concept to traditional florists but the procedure is similar to selling any xyz online. Decide your business model, know your investments, invest in digital marketing and hop onto the crazy Internet bus. 

E-commerce offers a variety of options.  

Have your own website, align with shopping giants, use Saas based models.

You can check out our previous blogs on Direct-to-consumer for more information. 

For your reference

Setting up your online flower shop has never been easier 

Infact, in recent times, many farmers in the US have found to be going directly to the consumer. This has resulted in them having successful business models. 

Before you do all of that, take a look at the perks. 

Saves you money of a physical retail space

No wonder, visiting a traditional florist is very welcoming and pleasant. 

But, online stores do not lag behind. 

With attractive pictures and catalogs, one can make the shopping experience for a customer equally pleasant. 

And who knows, a few years down the line, you might be even able to smell them online. 

And that takes us to the first perk. 

Online flower shop
Online flower shop

Having an online store saves you from the rent and headache of having and maintaining a physical retail space.  

And the saved money can be used to re-invest in your business. 

Today, your customers don’t really care where you are. All they need is great service. 

Saves time of your customer 

In business, time is money. And time saved is equal to money saved. 

And if you do that for your customer, you will be loved. 

Your customer is a busy human and hardly has the time to come to your shop and buy. If you save his time, you will be preferred over a traditional florist. 

However, in the case of a seller, if he has delivery management software in place, he can save time too and increase the efficiency of his business. 

Increasing your reach 

By being online, not only can you cater to your local community but also to a wider one in geographical terms. 

With more and more customers accessing online services for their shopping needs, it is a great chance to increase your reach and be available to more customers. 

Digital marketing, SEO and other tools can help you in getting started and increasing the reach of your business. 

Whereas, in the traditional flower business, your options are limited and expensive. 

Customer Data

If the customer is king, then data is his empire. Customer data is very, very valuable. 

Going online helps you in collecting and analyzing your customer’s data in a hassle free manner. 

Manually, it might be a hectic task to manage and keep track of data. 

And the more you study your customer, the more you grow. 

A bouquet of red roses
A bouquet of red roses

Effective communication 

Flower delivery is a delicate process and even minor damage can cost you the reputation and image of your business. 

This is valid for offline businesses as well but having an online business can give you some leverage in that. 

With some softwares, you can communicate with your customer and maintain a relationship with him. 

Asking about the delivery and addressing complaints can take you far in the business. 

Before you leave, do mention any queries or things you want to know about your online business in the comments section. 

We also offer Saas services. 

And the roses are just a click away!

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