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5 benefits of having an HR collaboration tool

By Rashim Sethi 25th April 2019

HR departments need more analytical and collaboration tools, not just for empowerment but to run the business in a smoother and efficient way,” says Yu Yu Din, strategic partner manager for Facebook. If you’ve got more than a few dozen people working for you, keeping a track on them can become cumbersome. Simple questions such as “How many holidays have I taken?’’ can become extremely time-consuming.

At a single time, HR has to enforce policies in their team as well as the whole organization. Let’s have a look at the five challenges faced by the HR department in managing the operations:

Performance Evaluation:

The success of an organization entirely depends on the employees. Performance evaluation provides valuable feedback which can shape the organization and boost productivity. Performance management tasks include :

  • Planning new business actions
  • Monitoring the progress of those actions
  • Resolving issues among employees
  • Building credibility among employees

As the number of employees increases in an organization, performance evaluation of each employee becomes a challenge. It becomes difficult for HR to look into each and every employee.

Attendance Management:

Managing Attendance is a critical function for HR. It is important to have control over the employees working hours. A good attendance record in an organization reflects good work culture. On the contrary, a poor attendance record shows that there is some problem within the organization culture.

Nowadays flexible working hours are in trend. It has become difficult for HRs to record flexible working hours for each and every employee. Remote team culture is increasing day by day and hence it has become difficult to track the working hours of employees working from home or from different locations.

Payroll Management

Inefficient Attendance management leads to inefficient payroll management. 20% of small businesses had shut this year. Payroll problems were the number one reason. Effective payroll management can ease cash flow problems and ensure long-term viability.

The most common error in payroll management is over and under payment because of incorrect working hours calculation. Using an automated daily timesheet calculator helps in improving the workability of employees which further enriches the work culture. Thus, it throws a positive impact on the company.

Collaboration with entire organization

HR always find it difficult to create a better team culture within their organization. The reason being that they don’t have a common platform through which they can interact with all the employees. As a result HR team waste their maximum time in emailing individual employee.

Collaboration for HR becomes tougher when the employees are remotely located. It becomes even worse if team members are located in different time zones. Poor collaboration in an organization leads to a decrease in productivity.

Managing Recruitments

HR receives multiple resumes at one time. They always face issue in managing all the resumes in one place. And every time they have to open their e-mail to check new resumes. They have to maintain different spreadsheets to track on the progress of recruitments.

Maintaining the spreadsheets, keeping a regular track through e-mails take hell a lot of their time. As a consequence of this, recruitments get delayed, resumes get misplaced. This may result in losing a capable resource and hiring an incapable one.

How to overcome these challenges?

Using an efficient HR collaboration tool can help you to overcome these challenges. A good team culture app will boost the HR team’s efficiency and productivity. As per statistics, for every 100 employees, there is 1 HR professional. With some better collaboration tool, the ratio is 1 HR professional per 140 employees. A Team culture app can help them in managing their workforce data in a better way. This will also help in saving money.

Fugu is one such HR collaboration tool that boosts team productivity. This app provides you with a common platform for the whole organization. Attendance Bot is one of the important features of Fugu. It manages attendance through advanced facial recognition and geofence marking. In-built timesheet calculator helps in effortless calculation of working hours. This collaboration tool empowers you to form groups and channels which saves your time in recruitments and taking regular follow-ups.

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