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Why are Business Partnerships Important?

By Radhika Jain 26th June 2020

Are you struggling to increase your customer reach or manage your business venture? Tried all promotion strategies but they aren’t working out for you? Read along as we have the perfect solution to all your worries; Partnership with Jungleworks. 

What is a business partnership? 

To survive in the new online world, your business needs a supporting friend. Which will not only help you grow but ease the process.

A business partnership is an agreement between two parties to work and grow together, sharing profits or commissions. 

Assisting your business with the up-to-date tech suite, Jungle works can cater to all business types. Their partner programs are easy to apply with no absolutely no registration fee but a minimal commitment fee to ensure lifetime support. 

Why should you create a partner network?

To boost the presence of your business in this competitive world, you might need a shoulder to lean on. Getting into a partnership agreement will not only reduce your burden of managing everything on your own, but also give access to a lot more additional resources.

Your potential partner may already have a social presence that benefits you by reducing the costs incurred during brand awareness. It can also help you reach a larger audience to sell your goods and services worldwide.

Aligning your goals with your partner will help strengthen your business along with providing you with a lot more opportunities. Collaborations are the way forward!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Every business has a set of weaknesses that they wish to overcome. You can do that simply by finding the right business partner. This way, you can master your skill set without worrying about the threats or weaknesses which are taken care of by your business partner.  

Jungleworks has a variety of products for you to have a B2B partner program that aims to maximize your business the most. You are all the freedom to benefit from the products and become our business partner

How can partnership with Jungleworks help you grow?

Jungleworks’ has a range of products that assist businesses in logistics, commerce, and communication matters. To give you an idea of how each product can benefit you, here are some examples

  • Partnerships allow all the participants to gain mutual benefits. Owning a business can be crucial if you are unaware of your target market. You can always use our service, YELO, to create your own online marketplace. This platform has been a source of income for many small businesses. 
  • BULBUL, an online CRM and sales manager, is also a product on Jungleworks. If you find it difficult to manage a sales register or an excel sheet? You can download bulbul and store all your clients’ data directly in a safe and secure cloud. 

Bulbul also provides smart reports and sends all the emails and marketing strategies itself according to the schedule set by you. 

  • Partner networks not only help create a larger customer base, but can also manage your business. Jungleworks’ product, TOOKAN is an online delivery management system, takes care of all your deliveries, from picking up to tracking the order and receiving your payments. Reducing workload and increasing efficiency.
  • With the increasing chances of information leaks, lack of interaction with your team is creating a problem?  Our application, FUGU can bring your team together. It is the ideal business chat software which is designed just for you. 

With its extraordinary features such as unlimited chat history, file sharing, video calling and more it is a solution to all your communication issues. 

How can you apply for a partner program with Jungleworks? 

Partnering with a relatively known company benefits all, businesses and customers. The customers feel that the business can be trusted and so the business grows. 

Jungleworks has a very simple online signup form for you to fill out. Your business then undergoes a brief selection process and you will be contacted shortly for training.

Our goal is to support you amidst the crisis and help you create a successful online business. We offer 24/7 technical assistance and a 25% commission on all new contracts. 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now.

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