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Priyanka 23rd April 2021

What is a Whitelabel app?

Apps that are developed by an Application Development Company but rebranded or resold by other companies are known as Whitelabel apps.

In other words, Whitelabel software is a marketing platform where brands and companies order an application from a reseller, but the software is designed by a third-party service provider.

Around 85% of users have reported that they prefer mobile apps over websites. 

Since mobiles are handy to use and have surpassed the usage of desktops in all aspects, users spend about 69% of their screen time using smartphones. 

Thus, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that Whitelabel apps are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. One of the main reasons behind this popularity is efficiency and reasonable rates. These types of apps are majorly used for products and services that are widely popular and fall in the category of mass production. 

How Is It Different From a SaaS Marketplace Platform?

A SaaS Marketplace platform allows customers to choose, buy and manage various cloud-oriented SaaS applications. On the other hand, the Whitelabel app provides a generic framework. 

Users can customise the framework, layout, logo, and more, and redesign it according to their preferences. Thus, users do not have to build a solution from scratch.

Moreover, Whitelabel apps do not require expertise, and they save a lot of time, effort, and money. 

A vast majority of people are nowadays looking to promote their business online with the help of a Whitelabel application

Yelo is one such Whitelabel solution that provides businesses/brands with an online marketplace with several promotional features, and that too without any programming or startup charges.

Yelo marketplace acts as a one-stop destination to boost the online presence of your business and drive more leads for your products and services.

Different Types of Whitelabel Apps Offered By Yelo

Let’s understand how a Whitelabel app can be used for a variety of products and services:

Food Delivery: The cost of creating a food-delivery app is significantly higher, depending on the features you choose to use in your on-demand food delivery smartphone app.

Yelo has a solution to this problem. Yelo’s services are well priced, and their current customers are happy with that. Yelo helps to grow your food delivery business by automating order processing, delivery dispatch, and marketing campaigns. 

For a smoother operation, the app automatically recommends the shortest and fastest paths to the driver so that they can travel to various destinations and make sure all orders are delivered on time.

It also allows your customers to monitor their orders on your food ordering app and keep them informed and comfortable with updated order status and information.

Laundry On-Demand: Set up your On-Demand Laundry Marketplace with the assistance of Yelo’s Whitelabel solution. Catalogue formation, order processing, and shipping preparation are some of its many features. 

A user-friendly and understandable graphical user interface provided by Yelo for simple transactions will put clients at ease. It allows your customers to sort laundries by price, ranking, location, and other factors. 

With its powerful features, it helps you manage your pickup and drop-off orders. With the in-app reminders, you will never miss a delivery or drop-off appointment.

Grocery Delivery: Yelo marketplace offers the best grocery ordering system for all kinds of retailers. With their pre-built Grocery Delivery Management Software, it helps manage deliveries and monitor drivers. It allows consumers to place orders directly through your online grocery shopping service and website. 

In a single dashboard, you can manage orders, deliveries, and payments. It improves the online grocery marketplace‘s ROI by providing a streamlined online grocery shopping and distribution experience to your customers. It also increases customer satisfaction by allowing them to buy groceries directly from their closest supermarket.

Pharmacy On-Demand: If you want to start your own medicine delivery app, Yelo Whitelabel software is your only go-to place. Yelo provides you with a sleek, professional interface that allows you to display options in multiple languages.

Now, customers can order directly from your online pharmacy app or website. There are several payment portals built into the application for smooth transactions. The app provides your consumers with the latest search and filter options for easy online purchases. 

Yelo helps you provide a smooth online medicine purchase for your consumers while ensuring high revenue generation for the companies using its pharmacy marketplace.

Flower Delivery: With Yelo, you can build your own global flower brand online marketplace. It allows you to merge with your clients by allowing you to run the app in native languages. It establishes faith by allowing consumers to pay using their own secure payment gateways. 

Customer-preferred utilities are highlighted using advanced filters, custom themes, feedback, and ratings. Customers can monitor their packages in real-time, refine driver paths, and automate job assignments with Yelo. 

With Yelo’s integrated Google Analytics and Kato, you can keep track of any transaction in your online store.

Home Services: If you’re looking for an all-in-one app to help you run and market your home services company, Yelo Whitelabel app will help you significantly. Customers can enjoy a friendly service booking experience with this site.

Fast login options include Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, email – all are available on a single platform. It allows your customers to sort home services based on cost, ranking, location, and other factors. 

Using specialised filters, it displays the customers’ favourite options. For companies, it allows quick access to customer data and job monitoring. Other than this, it collects digital signatures, documents, and photographs to make the work more transparent.

Beauty Services: If you want to open a beauty salon but don’t know where to begin, use Yelo’s marketplace salon appointment scheduling technology. Yelo enables customers to log in to your salon spa app easily. 

It lets you maintain the shop’s bookings based on your availability. You can assign rates to the facilities and make it easy for consumers to make reservations. It further shows your clients an estimation of the cost of the services they need and automatically generates produced receipts.

Roadside Assistance: For on-demand roadside assistance, a complete technology suite is available at Yelo. On the roadside assistance app, the clients can select from a variety of services. 

You can inform customers about the status of their assistance by call, via SMS, or email in real-time. Also, consumers can select from a variety of payment choices and available deals. 

Yelo assists you with managing roadside assistance listings in order to balance supply and demand. Agents will be notified as soon as a booking is allocated to them to avoid any delays.

On-Demand Carpenter: Why go looking for some other services when the Yelo Whitelable solution is here for you? You can successfully launch an app for carpentry services with the assistance of Yelo. You will rank first in search results and run targeted promotions using the built-in SEO tools. Yelo offers customised AI bots, which can be used to reply to clients.

Pest Control: It is not easy to set up your pesticide control business online unless you have the support of Yelo. With this app, you can increase your scope of getting more customers by contacting them via SMS or email. 

You can also remind your customers of the status of their orders. Yelo provides you with a wide variety of filters, customised themes, and rankings for high-quality consumer services.

Dog Walking: Suppose you are thinking to promote your dog walking application online. In that case, Yelo Whitelabel software is a perfect platform that offers you all the marketing features you want for highly affordable rates. 

With Yelo, a common network can be set up to match dog walkers to dogs. With Yelo, you can make it easy for pet owners to book sessions simply by tapping a key. By providing an advanced GPS surveillance system, you can gain loyalty from pet parents.

Car wash: Online Marketing for Car Wash Services is nowadays a common way to get more customers. If you are also a car wash service provider, then Yelo can provide you with a user-friendly online marketplace to promote your car wash services. 

Yelo provides many useful features like various payment options, bots to connect to customers 24/7, and it lets the shopkeeper know the specifics of the vehicle beforehand.

On-Demand Electrician: Yelo Whitelable app also has an amazing Electrician app, which lets people connect with professionals in the field to deal with any repairs. Yelo aids the app with timely notifications, various payment options, and manages appointments from a single dashboard.

Cooking Gas Delivery: Cooking gas bookings are currently done by calling the company, but the future of gas delivery will shift to apps because the features offered by these apps are more lucrative compared to present delivery options.

With Yelo marketplace, connect with your customers, know their availability, and let users book slots according to their convenience. You can also offer multiple payment options to your customers and send notifications reminding them to refill their gas based on their monthly usage.

Why Choose Yelo?

Are you still confused about whether or not to choose Yelo? Here are some more benefits that you can leverage with this advanced Whitelabel software:

Yelo has integrations of more than 100+ payment gateways, so you can now launch your business from anywhere around the globe.

• You can take care of everything yourself through the online marketplace designed by Yelo Whitelabel app. You will hardly need any staff.

• Compared to an offline company or marketplace, selling is much easier online, and marketing with Yelo not only helps you sell your products/services online but also boost the reach of your business significantly. 

• Affordable pricing, increased accessibility, ease of use, and streamlined ads, all unite to make Yelo the best online marketplace solutioon to satisfy the highest standards.

• Features such as a dashboard, mobile app, real-time order monitoring, and much more are offered on the Yelo marketplace platform.


Now all you are left to do is to choose your pricing plan and grow your business online with Yelo. As Richard Branson rightly said that “A big business starts small. ” Start your business small and let it flourish with the assistance of Yelo Whitelabel solutions.

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