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What Is Last Mile Tracking? Why Does It Matter?

By Shilpi Chhabra 18th May 2021

What is last mile delivery tracking? What it is and Why it Matters? We’ll look at the logistics of last mile carrier monitoring in this article. We will also come to know how companies can use software to do a lot of the heavy lifting

With the rapidly evolving technology, logistics has become one of the critical parts of the supply chain and a silent contributor to its growth.

Right from major commercial sectors to small grocery retailers, everyone is dependent on logistics transportation for the cost-efficient transit of goods across the country.

What is Logistics in the Last Mile Delivery?

What is Logistics in the Last Mile Delivery?

Logistics refers to the process of organizing the delivery of goods from one location to another desired location. Supply chain management is often used interchangeably with logistics, but the two have different roles in reality. 

The logistic network involves suppliers, distributors, and customers. Logistics involves dealing with the packaging of the goods, shipment, and transportation to deliver the goods’ load from the organization to the customer. 

Supply chain management deals in a more extensive network. It includes everything, right from merchants, warehouses, transit providers, etc., that work together to provide customer services. 

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, with lockdown enforced globally, leaving businesses and livelihoods to edge out gradually. The industries across the spectrum boosted their growth by leveraging the logistic industry’s innovative technologies.

Logistics has been influential in the flow of essential goods. It ensures that people get the orders delivered on time. 

With the flexibility of buying products online, especially groceries, daily amenities, and health care supplies; customer demands result in a spike for faster delivery, contactless delivery, and digitalized payments to health updates of the delivery person. More immediate delivery demand leads to tracking delivery on a real-time basis. 

To deliver as per the customer’s expectations, supply chain administrators need to make changes in their last-mile strategy. Ensuring last-mile delivery tracking enables customers with detailed ETA’s and the packaging details, and helps the organization keep the trail of the goods delivery. 

As the delivery services leverage the customers to shop in the comfort of their homes and accept debit/credit cards, the demand for last mile delivery increases day by day.

The last mile delivery tracking is reshaping the future of manufacturing industries, e-commerce businesses, retailers, restaurants, grocery chains, and more.

What Is The Last Mile Delivery?

What is Last Mile Delivery?

Last mile delivery is the final stage of the product delivery process which includes shipping the package from its origin to the recipients. Initially, the distributors or the warehouse administrator would transport the package to the customer, taking more time.

With the current trend of same-day delivery and the demand for faster last mile delivery options, the products get shipped directly from the retail market or micro-warehouse to the customer. 

The dynamic last mile delivery and the advancement of technology, ensuring quick service and smooth delivery, has become the most important job ever. Last mile delivery software has gradually increased consumer expectations in the grocery and food industries. 

Any organization which offers superior last mile delivery track options is likely to gain more profit, and stand out among the competitors. As per the Capgemini Research Institute’s report:

  • 63% of the customers prefer to order online because they encounter heavy crowds at the retailer’s market and heavy rush on the road. 
  • 45% of the customers won’t recommend the delivery services if their product delivery reaches late.
  • 55% of the customers switch to the competitor brands that offer faster delivery services.

Here are the top 5 Current Trends in Last mile Delivery:

everything about last mile delivery

  1. Faster order achievement— offering quick services from same-day delivery to less than 12 hours of delivery.
  2. Enabling last mile delivery tracking —offering transparency to customers to help track their orders.
  3. Small scale warehouses in central locations—renting out spaces to stock goods enables quick delivery to the customer.
  4. Own-fleet last mile logistics — hiring drivers and riders who can operate last-mile delivery tracking software to make the delivery technology-friendly.
  5. RDV, drones, and bots are executing delivery — the future of technology shaping last mile delivery-might uproot the millions of vans and truck deliveries over the next decade.

Tracking the products all over the place in the last mile system is the most crucial process. To inquire which product is in transit, modern logistics last-mile delivery tracking keeps track of every move.

It takes care of everything; right from planning the delivery route to the dispatch process, to constant communication with customers by sending them SMS and email updates about products, live updates, tracking of moving goods, and verifying the products’ delivery through electronic confirmation.

Last Mile Tracking for Customers

last mile delivery for customers

It is a buyer-oriented market today. Customers are the important stakeholders of any business. With the rising number of influence before making any purchases, customer researches about:

  1. The brands
  2. Companies
  3. The sites from where they are going to purchase
  4. The brand’s social media engagement
  5. The delivery fee and time they take to deliver

The customer also browses and reads all the reviews before finalizing any product.

Since the client is putting effort and money into something they need, they order at leisure as opposed to buying in-store. They expect the product in proper condition and fast delivery. To meet the customer’s requirements and turn them into loyal customers, companies need to provide them with exceptional delivery services. 

Last mile delivery services provide the customer with the last mile delivery tracking number. The customer can track the driver details, driver’s ETA, call facility for the driver and customer to coordinate, and the customer’s ability to review the driver’s experience. Reviews push other customers’ decisions and strengthen the company’s credibility. 

The last mile delivery track is optimized with the last mile tracking software. It enables the customer to get the automatic SMS and email alert when the delivery is on the way. 

Last Mile Delivery Tracking for Companies

Last Mile Delivery Tracking for Companies

The logistic companies need to ensure that their internal operations work as per the schedule. As the last mile delivery is crucial, logistic companies need to have complete visibility. Any error can disrupt the entire flow. Logistic companies are equipped with last mile courier tracking.

It helps to track the packages once they are loaded in the delivery van or truck. The logistic companies can instantly trace the consignment, truck details, and shipment delivery details by entering the online tracking software’s final mile delivery tracking number. They also get automatic alerts when unexpected delays happen. 

With the last mile tracking software, the driver can collect the customer’s details right through the mobile app, making deliveries smoother. The last mile tracking software enables the logistic companies to stay up-to-date about the delivery status in real-time. 

With the help of analyzing critical performance, it records the successful delivery rates, feedback of the customers, distance traveled by the driver, and much more, which helps the logistic company keep the record for future use. 

How Does Tookan Help?

How Does Tookan Help in last mile delivery

Tookan is a delivery management software service to provide logistic solutions to businesses, managing on-time delivery smoothly. It has a design package for the companies that includes user-friendly software and mobile application – embracing the cloud-based software, which helps the companies manage the orders, track their drivers, and offer customers excellent last-mile delivery services. Tookan is equipped with a custom widget that allows them to track the order from the mobile application. 

Here are the top five reasons why Tookan can boost last mile delivery services:

  1. Tookan is ready-made software with extensive features. It is a mobile application which only needs a signup process to start the service.
  2. Integrated with the real-time Google App API in the software on the admin panel and in the driver’s app, which enables tracking the movement of the transport vehicle and driver. It’s also equipped with providing information about delivery schedules, pickup and drop-off location, consignee address, distance covered, etc. 
  3. Effortlessly managing the customers’ new orders, the automated process keeps the customer in the loop for their product delivery and sends them an automatic alert when the shipment is ready, the ETA of the product delivery, and the delivery person’s details. 
  4. Tookan collects all the customer data and information, such as delivery ratings and feedback, and generates an automatic analytic report that can be used in the future. It helps the companies monitor the deliveries in the supply chain.
  5. Tookan has a web-based admin panel and can be accessed from multiple devices like laptops, PC, tablets, smartphones, and iPads.


The logistic industry is in constant flux and evolving rapidly and expects to rise tremendously in the coming future. The last-mile delivery services give the customer a sense of control and visibility over the products purchased. Any industry providing the services can have real-time tracking. They can track the entire process from picking up the products to the customer’s delivery.

Last-mile delivery services create a seamless delivery experience. It benefits the industry by speeding up the operation and growing remarkably, thereby increasing profit margins. 

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