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Virtual Team meet-ups with team collaboration software- the new normal at the workspace

By Tannu Sharma 5th June 2020

Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.

– Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Humans have an immense tendency to evolve. The past few months were nothing less than a nightmare for all. Whilst stuck in this pandemic tide, we managed to survive. We have fast-tracked the new- normal ways to live and evolve. 

The transference of workspace from conventional to a virtual one has become the new fundamental approach. Sounds crazy! Believe us, it is! But, thanks to team collaboration software, it is indeed leading the new normal.

Before we discuss more, here’s why virtual team meetups require good team collaboration software. 

How does a team collaboration software help in keeping your team virtually together?

Here is the list of advantages of using the finest team collaboration software.

Eases the process of goal alignment

Setting up an individual goal for your team will help in getting team-driven results. As you work remotely with your team, you need to stay connected with them. This can be achieved through regular virtual meetings and healthy discussions. It is considered as one of the best team collaboration practices. Keeping technology as your friend when you are in a process of building collaborative planning is a smart strategy to go ahead with.

Helps in escalating the new adaptability 

“ All fingers are not equal, but when they bend; all seem to be equal”! The same rule applies to different employees of your organization. Few of them might feel comfortable while working in the new normal workspace. Yet few might need to come out of their comfort. The shift from a physical office to a virtual office is subjective. It might vary from individual to individual.

Contributes to achieving higher employee engagement 

Performance is a two-way task. This becomes crucial while implementing a complete virtual work environment. The efficient team collaboration software will help in establishing productive communication. It will result in encouraging and motivating your team members.  A higher degree of employee engagement will help in replicating the in-person team experience too.

Facilitates high team productivity via virtual meetings

Good connectivity between your team members helps in sending across the preferred message. The regular meet-ups via the team collaboration tool help in eliminating the slip-ups. It will also initiate the new way of team building activity where your team will learn to grow, understand and appreciate each other. This kind of bond will surely last for long. And always remember, when it comes to measuring the productivity of a team – every individual participant’s efforts make a difference! 

Some quick facts to digest

  • 39% of employees are dissatisfied because of no or few co-workers communication
  • 49% of millennials practices to use social tools to connect with their team
  • 72% of employees experience higher productivity during morning times
  • 90% of employees believe their productivity increases with flexible work schedules

The addition of new team collaboration tools

Now is the perfect time to evolve and adapt. A decade ago, when we talked about team collaboration software;  there were few names only. Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Skype were considered to be a great choice then.  But, things are changing. So do the requirements! 

Adopting a new revolutionary tool is a smart choice. It can escalate the process of the new normal by meeting all the changes heads-on. Have you ever figured out your specific requirements for employee engagement? Or are you still in your comfort zone of choosing what other organizations are using?

Take a look at one of the finest, self-competent team collaboration software: Fugu. It comprises the exclusive features to match the new-normal standards of your workspace. 

Fugu- A tech-suite to suit your virtual workspace requirements

The all-purpose chat app can make your virtual team stronger than ever!  To know more about how Fugu can help in adding team productivity, check out Fugu Meet: An exclusive feature to virtually replicate in-person team experience

You can also turn to other team collaboration tools such as Trello, Jindo to manage and optimize your team performance in a productive way. 

Concluding Note

We understand how time-consuming it is to collaborate with your team to work together while staying at different locations. The key technique is to organize and manage the new normal of work culture. Choosing the right tools, proactively identifying and solving the problems – can help the boat sail smoothly. 

The truth is we are left with no other option than to embrace the new normal. If you are facing any issue in setting up your workspace or are finding trouble in connecting with your teammates, reach out to us. We would love to help you through your journey during these tough times. 

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