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Top 10 Freelance Websites and Platforms to Find Work in 2020

By Deepak Digwal 20th July 2020

In current times, freelancers looking to earn extra money now have more choices available than ever before. This is particularly true within the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak that caused job cuts all across the globe. Further, it pushed the workforce to search for new job opportunities online which provided the freelance websites with a grand opportunity to grow their business and for freelancers to crack remote working projects.

If you are looking forward to taking the big leap to enter the world of freelancing, it’s time to seize impactful projects. To help you, we’ve pulled together and compiled a list of the top ten freelance websites for freelancers. Where you can get a variety of interesting and creative opportunities to step up your freelance business to the next level.

Let’s take a deep dive into the top 10 websites and platforms to find the best freelance jobs.

Here we go!

1. Upwork Freelancing website for professionals

Upwork is the world’s biggest freelance marketplace with more than 12 million registered freelancers and close to five million registered clients. The platform is trusted by some top companies like Microsoft, Airbnb, and GE to hire the best freelancers. Upwork freelancing is best for those who are looking to work on specialized and elaborate projects. It covers diverse areas such as web, mobile and software development, design & creativity, writing, sales, customer service, and much more.

Upwork’s platform has some amazing interactive features that let hirers and freelancers communicate easily through its online chat and video call system, assuring clarity and transparency.

2.    FIVERR – an extremely diverse talent pool

The Fiverr freelancing is one of the top freelance websites that connect freelancers and businesses digitally, under one roof. Fiverr has an impressive and extremely comprehensive assortment of professional service offerings with more than 250 categories.

No matter what work you’re looking for, chances are very high that you will find it here. And since the network is so diverse, the platform attracts clients from all sectors who are looking for different kinds of services. Hence, Fiverr is easy to navigate and is a good place to start for beginners.

3. Freelancer – General all-purpose freelance website

Freelancer is another well-established freelance marketplace that boasts a majestic client list. Including some high-profile business juggernauts like Microsoft, Boeing, and Intel. Also, the platform is a boon for small businesses who require talent and need help in several tasks from logo design and website development to writing and marketing. The website has a user-friendly interface and is simple to use.

At Freelancer, you can sign-up easily, upload examples of previous work, then bid for the work, and converse with hirers employing a live chat function. The site guarantees variety and features a high volume of freelance jobs with over 1,350 job categories which attract freelancers.

Top 10 Freelance Websites and Platforms to Find Work in 2020

4.   Guru – General freelancer marketplace

Guru’s freelancing platform is designed to serve companies to find and hire professional freelancers from across the world. Additionally, it is a flexible and cost-effective platform and lets people hire freelancers in diverse categories of work.

Guru has over 3 million verified freelancers that help to find authentic work. It is also one of the best freelance websites for beginners as it is flexible in issuing payments.

5.   People Per Hour – Freelancer website with diversity  

Freelancers on this platform have earned over £130 million by nearly 1 million businesses. The website unites companies to an international assortment of freelancers whose services are continually evaluated and rated as they accomplish the assigned tasks.

Furthermore, People Per Hour spans a wide range of categories, and its well-designed project writing tool assists companies by asking what assistance they need and uses AI to pair and contact the most suitable freelancers.

6.   Toptal – For the top 3% of freelancer hires

Toptal is designed to help companies hire from the top tier (3%) of world-class freelancers. That includes everyone from designers to developers, finance experts to project managers. This freelancing site is used by top-level companies including Motorola and Hewlett-Packard enterprise, Toptal works by hiring industry experts who are the best match for the best companies ensuring the right fit.

Top 10 Freelance Websites

7.   FlexJobs – A job board that specializes in “flexible” jobs

FlexJobs, as the name suggests offers flexibility as it includes remote work (both part and full-time), on-site jobs, flexible work schedules, and freelance opportunities of course. All the requirements posted on FlexJobs go through a meticulous screening process. It also ensures authenticity and legitimacy which means no spam and no scam jobs.

8.   99designs – Specialist freelance designer website

99designs platform is specifically intended for design services and entertains freelancers who are willing to offer their design services. On this platform, you will see a new design produced every two seconds for the clients. The site also features freelance work in over 90 categories. So, if you are an expert in creating logos, book covers, designing websites, or any other form of design creativity, this is probably the best platform to showcase your field of expertise.

9. Aquent– Creative and marketing freelancing website

Have you been incorrectly matched with hiring companies in the past? Well! Aquent could make it up for you. The platform provides you with the right match for talented creative people with companies who are on the search to hire the same skill-set.

Aquent’s Book employs natural language processing to auto-tag portfolios with over 24 million object and image labels applying object detection and image classification. Thus, this helps in offering deeper insights to find better matches for jobs considering various aspects like talent location, availability, and rates.

10. PubLoft – The Specialist website for freelance writers

If you are a wordsmith and are looking for opportunities to write for academics such as dissertations, term papers, white papers, Paperell is for you as this platform is specifically designed for academic writers.

Freelancers here are given profiles on the website that displays stats like the chosen field of expertise; educational background; the number of pages they’re written; years of experience; and previous ratings and reviews by clients. However, this academic freelancing platform has a series of stringent grammar and formatting tests that you need to pass in order to get accepted onto the platform.

Final Words

The freelance marketplace is stealing the limelight as they offer a convenient, reliable, and effortless way to reach the global freelance talent and hence rising in popularity and demand. Creating a freelance marketplace benefits freelancers, businesses as well as the creator of the marketplace.

There are several factors that make a freelance platform ideal for freelancers. In addition to this, it can range from the variety of jobs available, the frequency of new opportunities available, the user-friendliness of the site, timely payment, and of course the authenticity of companies and freelancers.

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