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The Gig Economy: What to watch for in the future

By anjali kumari 15th June 2021

Gig Platform: An Introduction

Changing eras bring about new buzzwords in the market. The “Gig Economy” is no stranger to the trend. The dynamic wave of the modern working population has transcended beyond the conventional hiring trends. As we veer towards an economy that also prioritizes the time and flexibility of the new workforce, the value they bring reigns supreme. Not only does the gig economy benefit the workers, but it also helps employers save costs and amplify their businesses at greater speeds.

So, what is a gig economy after all? 

A gig economy facilitates an open market of job opportunities and short-term work assignments offered by companies to contractors and freelancers who render their services if or when required. The on-demand gig economy comes with increased productivity and efficiency for companies that conventional full-time employment lacked. With technology spearheading the breakdown of traditional ways of working, the freelance economy has thrived in the last couple of years. Moreover, the gig economy lets workers work from just anywhere. A Statista report shows that about 85.6 million people in the United States will be a part of the gig economy by 2027! Needless to say, remote working has become more normalized than it was before. With companies saving on rental and other on-site costs, the demand for professional freelancers has undoubtedly soared.

Gig platforms like Upwork and Fiverr are not new to the game. While people work their daily 9-to-5s, freelance work has become a way of fringe earning on the side. On the other hand, some choose to work solely as freelancers. Such on-demand talent platforms or gig marketplaces offer a collaborative space to freelancers/contractual workers and employers on the same plane.

Types of gig workers

The gig economy is a vast sphere of professionals offering a wide scope of services across multiple domains. McKinsey divides independent workers into four different segments:

  • Free agents
  • Casual earners
  • Reluctants
  • Financially strapped
Gig Economy Trends 2021

Upcoming trends to watch out for in the gig economy

Technology has pushed the world to go online. Many professionals all over the world prefer to choose the freedom and autonomy contingent work assignments bring to the table. As we progress into 2021 after a year of battling a pandemic, the transformation in the global workspace has been phenomenal. The employment statistics have swiveled with the gig economy witnessing changing patterns and trends in the market. Let’s take a look at how the gig workforce will be affected in the coming years.

Stigma surrounding gig employment will attenuate

People with steady full-time employment are usually commended more than gig workers. However, with changing times, this stigma and prejudice will eventually slip away. The notion of gig work always being the second choice of employment doesn’t hold anymore. To put a number against it, 61% of freelancers view freelancing as a choice rather than a necessity.

Gig platforms will be highly popular

As the freelance workforce continues to grow, the need for a stabilized and collaborative space will become the need of the hour. As gig workers will search for an integrated solution to find work with ease, employers will want to get in touch with qualified professionals without speed bumps.

The gig economy will be all-inclusive

The gig economy is welcoming of people with various capabilities. Instead of expecting people to work during business hours, the gig economy offers a larger space for anyone to unleash their skills and capabilities. Freelancers also enjoy flexible opportunities for cross-functional displacement. With the right skill and/or passion, anyone can leverage the booming gig economy.

Build your gig marketplace with Husky!

Creating a gig marketplace from the scratch may sound like a task that needs extensive and unhindered investment, but not with Husky! Jungleworks’ talent marketplace builder Husky comes power-packed with plug-and-play features at your disposal. Husky is a sturdy end-to-end SaaS solution that can get you started with your freelance marketplace within minutes! However, if you wish to design your marketplace with added features, you can go with our Headless solution.

Your admin dashboard – Oversee every function of your marketplace from one single dashboard. Manage payments, commissions, seller activity, project categorization, and more!

High-octane apps and websites – Design dynamic apps and websites for your freelancers and seamlessly connect with them on Husky. Avail features like custom project search, payments, and more! With integrated live chat support, manage disputes and discuss projects with no hiccups!

What’s more in store? Husky comes equipped with hundreds of integration options, multi-lingual support, device-agnostic interfaces, and an infallible reviews system. Get in touch with us to build your Gig Platform.

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