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The rise of D2C: Laundry businesses washing their way to a market worth of billion dollars

By Shilpi Chhabra 14th July 2021

“Look after your laundry, and your soul will look after itself.” 

-W Somerset Maugham

Everyone wants to wear neat and tidy clothes, but washing laundry regularly is a chore for the majority of customers. Here we have an opportunity for you in launching your own online laundry business, which will make your future bright and prosperous.

On-demand washing services have revolutionized the market and are gaining popularity among consumers due to their superior benefits, deals, and high level of convenience.

You will most likely learn about the advantages, benefits, and drawbacks of online laundry services in this post.

So let us go in-depth and examine how you can run a smooth and pocket-friendly online laundry business, which could make your life more exciting and profitable. 

Appealing features of online laundry business

Moreover, both dry-cleaning and laundry services are gaining popularity. It is a dependable and convenient service at a fair cost. Busy consumers are willing to pay for their laundry these days.

 Online Laundry services save money: 

Washing machines make labour go faster and easier, but they can also be quite costly to buy at first. Taking your clothes to the laundry service can save you money if you can’t afford to purchase or use your washing machine.


As always said, the first interaction is always the last. Developing and maintaining a good hygiene routine is key to having a healthy body and mind. So it is essential to keep your clothes tidy. Here we are with our special laundry facilities to make your day fabulous and happening. 

Nuclear family:

Nowadays, families are more focused on living in an atomic arrangement. So an online marketplace is the best stop for such families where they meet all their requirements. Here we are with the online laundry business for families who want to live in an enjoyable and healthy environment. 

Online launderette services save time:

These services are a terrific way to save time for those who can’t find the time to wash their clothes a day, seven days a week, and will ensure that your laundry is delivered on time.. 

Washing businesses use high-quality cleaning materials:

Laundry cleaning facilities for both garments and curtains are dedicated to providing high-quality laundry care. Fabrics used in different textile products, such as clothes, towels, and curtains, may require additional specialized cleaning processes.

Variety of options when it comes to laundry services:

Laundry businesses are more than capable of providing a wide range of washing and drying procedures tailored to your specific needs and laundry. 

Many laundry services are well-equipped to respond to your needs, whether you are allergic to a particular detergent or your clothes or curtains are made of various delicate materials that require special care.


Know how Yelo can add value to your Business


The direct-to-consumer (D2C) retail paradigm is showing no signs of slowing growth as we approach 2021. Despite the massive rise observed during the COVID-19 epidemic, the D2C marketplace is expected to grow by nearly 20% this year, signalling a significant shift in how people shop and avail themselves of services.

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The worldwide dry-cleaning and laundry services market was estimated at USD 60.88 billion in 2019, and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.4 per cent is predicted from 2020 to 2027.

The industry is being driven by customers’ increasing usage of dry-cleaning and laundry services, which provide convenience at a fair price.

Source:  The above graph represents the bright future of the online laundry business

Below are a few of the assets and liabilities you should read before investing in a laundromat



Laundromats, unlike restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores, contain extremely little physical inventory. It implies fewer things are ordered, rotated, or discarded, making management more effortless. It also means you won’t have to worry about pre-planning and keeping enormous volumes of costly goods.

Great ROI: 

  How many companies can make that claim? There aren’t many.

It isn’t a seasonal or weather-dependent product:

Seasons and holidays have an impact on many businesses and their products. While bad weather and extreme temperatures may influence whether or not people go outside, people always need to do laundry, so there isn’t much seasonal variation to deal with.

Employee engagement is minimal: 

Many laundromats run on a shoestring budget. Management, payroll, and other chores can be made more accessible by not dealing with scheduling and management obligations for a large workforce.


According to many business owners, this is one of the most appealing aspects of working in the laundry sector. You may establish your hours, and it’s doubtful that you’ll have to work at your store for 40 hours a week after you’ve gotten the hang of things. Some investors even work a second full-time job or devote more time to a significant pastime.

Multiple sites and expansion opportunities are possible:

Because of the laundry industry’s flexibility, variety, and necessity, there are numerous prospects for expansion. It could include expanding your current facility, adding new services, or building a new site in the city. 



It is possible to make a significant investment: 

Although there are various financing options available for laundry equipment, there is still a high upfront cost to consider. While it can be gratifying, owning and operating a business requires considerable time, energy, and emotional involvement.

It’s a competitive environment:

 If you want to be successful, you must bring your A-game. You’re up against other laundromats in the neighbourhood, as well as multi-housing structures that may provide laundry equipment and clients who buy their laundry equipment.

Costs continue to rise:

Many investors cite electricity and rent as some of their most significant obstacles and costs. It’s critical to think about energy efficiency as a coin laundry business owner.

Low-profit margins:

A consumer is significantly more likely than a housekeeper or dry cleaner to go out of his way to discover an excellent doctor. Customers often prefer to have their laundry delivered to their homes, but they are unlikely to pay extra for it. The problem is to identify a long-term customer base willing to pay a premium for this convenience or have individual service suppliers offer steep discounts.

Logistical – The following are the most prevalent logistics issues: 

  • Because the customer is not at home, there will be no pickup or delivery.
  • The delivery team’s inability to pick up or drop off the clothes
  • Failure to get to the house in the allotted time.
  • Orders that aren’t real
  • Finding the customer’s address

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Are you seeking a low-cost route to market for your product or service?

Digitization is transforming sectors all around the world and as a result, using a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) approach to join the market directly rather than through an intermediary quickly becomes a popular way for firms to do so. 

Below is a list of actions you should take to create a successful D2C business strategy

Marketing Techniques: 

Implementing a good marketing plan is required to get noticeable online business. Encouraging people to take advantage of free subscriptions is an excellent approach to keep them coming back and paying for services. To solve this problem, we have the best platform to make your online marketing more accessible and convenient.

Look for the Right Partner: 

In a competitive market, launching a D2C website necessitates careful planning and selecting the ideal digital partner.

To reduce the hassles of undertaking different vendors and technology for each component of the customer experience with the right partner unite with us and get the best possible solution. 

Evaluate the Customer Experience:

To establish specialized web operations for your D2C website to regularly analyze the client experience make yourself comfortable and connect with us to fulfil customer expectations and company goals. 

Define your customers’ true desires: 

Brands must see themselves through the perspective of their customers, mapping their journey from brand awareness through post-purchase support. We are here to showcase the truth of your journey towards success. 

To take advantage of all the above strategies, shake your hands with Yelo and know about its features in an online laundry business sphere. 

Key Takeaways : 

D2C allows marketers to have complete control over their whole branding experience, including packaging, without having to compete for shelf space. Brands profit from direct-to-consumer marketing since there are no seasonal delays, retail disruptions, or third-party channel coordination. It also allows them to make rapid product adjustments.

Increase your company’s revenue. With Yelo, you may start an online laundry business marketplace and expand your local business.

Run your hyperlocal business from anywhere and everywhere with Yelo!

If you have a mind-boggling concept that you want to bring to life – drop us a message, and let’s connect.

 Let’s build a fabulous D2C marketplace together and build an online marketplace successfully. 

Increase your sale with us!

Create your own online washing business and show the world what you’ve got!

For further information, visit our home page or avail of our 14 days free trial. Yelo is here to help you in your online journey.

To learn more about an online laundry business, please download our free ebook: The Rising Pile of Laundry. 

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