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Swill business model: History, funding, and why you should use it

By Abhishek Goel 18th April 2022

The Swill business model uses an on-demand alcohol delivery app. This app works with a single goal, connecting the retailers and local alcohol merchants with the customers. The Swill business model is many times referred to as, “Entrusting a liquor store in your pockets.” Swill was successful in helping several customers by cutting down their costs for getting liquor easily. 

There is no need to make last-minute dashes to the local alcohol store for getting the booze anymore. There is no need to worry about receiving your orders in time either. Swill’s business model has established that they can handle everything from orders to delivery of alcohol in a matter of a few minutes.


A brief history

The company was founded in New York in 2014. The founders of the brand were Andrew Young, Eric Wong, and David Vainchenker. Young is the main technology officer, Wong is the CEO, and Vainchenker is the head of the strategy. Due to its exclusive service offering for New York City, the company soon got a reputation for being the new alcohol delivery platform in New York City. 

Later, the mobile app development of the organization made it possible for the customers to order wine, beer, and other combinations. All they had to do was enter all their delivery details. This was accomplished by using the Swill alcohol delivery app from their smartphones. 

Gradually, Swill started to gain more ground as it started to expand its horizons to other places. It also began using other formats. Nowadays the alcohol delivery company connects the alcohol customers with the retailers and merchants that are dealing with them.

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All the transactions between the company and the consumers are handled through the app which is an on-demand alcohol delivery app. The app is not only simple to use but it is also extremely convenient to use anytime and anywhere. 

If you read the testimonials of some of the prior Swill consumers, you will find that the company has lived up to its billing. They are successful in making a record number of alcohol deliveries to different customers. They usually take between 30 minutes to one hour for their deliveries.

Swill: Funding and acquisitions

The Swill business model was established to connect various liquor retailers and other merchants with the consumers. The company has experienced growth every day especially since funds were made available to the organization. The alcohol delivery platform has been successful in raising in the excess of $138 million so far. 

Swill has not been successful in buying and acquiring too many businesses. None were related to the on-demand alcohol delivery services. Even though success could have meant some lasting positive impressions, the company has not become discouraged. It keeps pushing on for gaining more ground.

One of the more significant acquisitions they have made in their sales and marketing efforts is getting more than 500 customers from their competitors. It must be noted that this achievement was a landmark success as it empowered the company to get access to valuable feedback about their competitors. 

This could be leveraged to get a better insight into, how the competitors are working. Swill has also made certain monetary improvements in this area. They managed to get more than $40, 000 extra in revenues after they had access to these consumers.

Swill’s Competition

Also, keep in mind that Swill’s business model is not the only one operating in New York City. Several on-demand alcohol delivery apps are working in New York City and the U.S. as a whole. Swill continues to evolve in terms of its operations and tries to beat the other top brands such as Thirstie, Drizly, Buttery, Klink Delivery, and Saucey.

Why use Swill

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Swill uses its app to connect you with the local liquor stores. You can use the app to browse wine, beer, spirits, or other accompaniments to get them sent to your office or home. Swill app specializes in mixers such as tonic and soda. There is a range of such mixers available on the app. In addition to that, you can get specialty items such as ginger beer, coconut water, and other energy drinks for helping you with the creation of cocktails at home.

Swill has an engaging and fun app that allows you to order your favorite beverages. You can also find new brands of beer, wine, and other spirits. If you visit the review section of the Swill website, you will find out what the several satisfied customers think about the service. 

By pursuing the tasting notes and reading the recommendations from them, you will be in a better position to select the drink. You may even get free shipping depending on the retailer. The parcel will arrive at your doorstep in less than one hour. The expansive network of Swill liquor stores gives you a large selection of spirits, fast delivery, and optimal pricing.

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  • A good range of garnishes and mixers is available.
  • You can select from a huge range of spirits.
  • The delivery is achieved in less than an hour for orders in some locations.
  • Fast and reliable customer support is available.


  • Minimum order quantity changes from store to store.
  • Delivery is available in major cities only.
  • It is not possible to order from several stores for a single delivery.


Swill is a New York City-based best alcohol delivery platform that brings the liquor store directly to your smartphone. Swill allows you to connect with the local merchants to get fast and convenient delivery of the wine, beer, spirits, and other mixers. The on-demand alcohol delivery app makes all the wine purchases simple and engaging. 

The company boasts of a massive range of retailers in New York City. They offer a great selection of products together with quick delivery. The customers can say goodbye to the last-minute dashes to the liquor store, skip all the lines, and can send the bottles as gifts to their dear ones. All this is possible through the convenience of using your mobile devices. 

In addition, Swill business model is reliable, safe, and cash-free. This kind of alcohol delivery service makes it pretty simple to plan parties or celebrate impromptu occasions that call for a toast. All the deliveries reach their destination within 30 to 60 minutes. Just keep your ID ready for the person with the delivery. 

Finally, if you are looking to develop a similar platform (alcohol delivery app) for your business, get in touch with the professionals at Jungleworks for expert advice.

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