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Story of SURVV: Reshaping on demand logistics in Egypt

By Hari Bala Krishnan 3rd November 2022

What is SURVV:

SURVV is an on demand last mile delivery logistics management platform serving the B2B as well as B2C sector. Currently SURVV caters to food, medicines, books and grocery deliveries in Egypt through SURVV app. Headquartered in Cairo, SURVV was founded in 2017 with a pre seed funding of $1.9 Million.

The business model of SURVV is designed to benefit local small businesses like pharmacies, restaurants, bakers, grocery outlets, bookstores and the consumers as well. By onboarding business on their app, SURVV gives local small businesses access to a wider customer base.

Facts and figures:

  • Founders: Ahmed Abouelenin and Ahmad Tawfik
  • Year of inception: 2018
  • Year of beginning operation: 2019
  • Headquarters: New Cairo, Egypt
  • Funding: $1.9 Million (As of October 2022)

The Success timeline:

Business Timeline of SURVV

Salient features of SURVV:

  • SURVV uses digital technology and artificial intelligence to provide a seamless and hassle free experience to it’s users.
  • SURVV operates in most cities and towns of Egypt.
  • Delivery charges start from $1.45 per order.
  • The company earns commission from restaurants on the total value of orders.
  • SURVV hires drivers on full time and part time basis of employment.

Customer segments of SURVV:

SURVV acts as an integrator between small local businesses and their consumers.


  • People who want to place orders to neighbourhood stores virtually.
  • People who want to order medicines and get quick delivery.
  • People who don’t want to cook food.
  • People who want to order pastries for special occasions.

Local businesses:

  • Local businesses looking for home delivery services.
  • Restaurants which don’t have good dining space.
  • Cloud kitchens looking for delivery services.
  • Local businesses looking for digital branding and digital presence.

Job seekers:

  • People who desire a delivery job with flexible timings.

How SURVV works:

The business models of SURVV is same as many other companies catering similar services. SURVV stands out in terms of providing a seamless customer experience by using cutting edge technologies effectively.

Choose items of your order:

Users choose the items they wish to buy. The app is well organised in terms of UI and UX and it seamlessly enables users to choose their desired product and sort them out.


Users are required to make the payment once they place their orders. SURVV offers multiple payment options for seamless payment completion. On completion of the payment, SURVV forwards the order to the respective store/ merchant for processing and packing.

Tracking the order:

The delivery executive picks up the order and delivers to the recipient’s address with the help of integrated map function for ease of transit. SURVV also allows the recipients’ to track the location of order during the entire delivery process.


The delivery executives ensure the delivery of goods as quick as possible with the help of in app navigation feature. The customers in turn have an option of tipping the delivery executive and the delivery executives get to keep 100% of the tip received.

Insights into SURVV’s revenue model:

If you are a budding entrepreneur planning to enter into on demand logistics segment, it is essential for you to understand the revenue model.

  • SURVV earns money by charging commission from local business owners on the value of each order. The percentage of commission starts from 10%.
  • SURVV also charges a delivery fee from the customers which starts from $1.45 and depends on the distance of delivery location and the size of item ordered.
  • SURVV charges a fee from merchants to advertise or prioritise their store or items on the app for a specific period of time.


  • Major advantage SURVV has among its competitors is the seamless digital ordering experience it provides through technology enabled app with an outstanding UX.
  • SURVV ensures the fastest delivery for its users by leveraging its tech backed app dashboard. Robust app enables SURVV to monitor different stages of business processes in a single dashboard.

Challenges faced by SURVV:

  • The only major challenge faced by potential customers of SURVV is their limited geographical presence. SURVV’s management should ensure rapid expansion of services to new localities in order to avoid losing their leverage over its competitors.

Are you a future entrepreneur?

Are you a future entrepreneur looking to enter on demand logistics segment? Or are you a small/ medium business owner looking to enter digital space?  

Are you unsure where to begin?

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