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Bismark’s Bistro: Disrupting pet nutrition industry

By Hari Bala Krishnan 23rd November 2022

Bismark’s Bistro is an on-demand pet food delivery service provider. As a B2C business, currently Bismark’s Bistro caters to doorstep delivery of freshly cooked pet food. Headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, Bismark’s Bistro was founded in 2019.

Currently the operations of the company are limited to Cape Town with future plans for expansion to other cities of South Africa.

Bismark’s Bistro was founded with a mission of providing healthy, home cooked, customised meals for pets, especially canines. Challenges faced by founders of Bismark’s Bistro Adele and Fritz Mans who are also pet owners was the inspiration behind the unique business idea.

Brand Story

Bismark is the mini Schnauzer fur baby of Adele and Fritz. The couple decided against having a kid and instead preferred having a pet dog. As life is known for throwing surprises both pleasant and unpleasant, the entrepreneur couple had their unpleasant one when Bismarck was just three years old.

The mini Schnauzer had a heart attack with a poor prognosis. The only option in front of the pet parents to save Bismark was an intensive surgery costing upwards of $ 2600 which the couple weren’t able to afford. They explored alternate possibilities and learnt about different diet practices which has the potential to heal Bismark. 

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As they introduced healthy home cooked food to Bismark, he displayed rapid improvement in his condition. He started running around and chasing squirrels without fainting or gasping for breath. Although Bismark will never be able to live a healthy 15 years similar to other Schnauzer, he need not be euthanised at a tender age of three.

This incident had a deep impact on the lives of Adele and Fritz and formed the foundation of kick-starting a venture serving the Nobel cause of providing safe and healthy nutrition to pets.

Facts and figures

  • Founders: Adele and Fritz Mans
  • Year of inception: 2019
  • Year of beginning operations: 2019
  • Headquarters: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Funding: Bootstrapped

Customer Persona


  • Pet owners who are also working professionals and don’t have enough time to cook meals for their pet.
  • Pet owners who would like to provide fresh and healthy meal for their pets.
  • Pet owners who are looking for customised pet food as per their pet’s nutritional requirement.
  • Pet owners who don’t have much knowledge of pet nutrition and looking to fulfil their pet’s nutritional needs.

Local businesses

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits are sourced locally every week from the farmers around Cape Town. 
  • Meat and chicken is sourced ethically from the farms in Karoo.

Business and Revenue Model

Bismark’s Bistro collects its orders via phone or their website’s e-commerce store section. Freshly cooked and nutritious pet meal is packed in pouches and a box contains 14 such pouches which are sufficient for a week if two pouches are fed daily. The frozen pouches can be thawed and readily served to the pets.

The meals prepared at Bismark’s Bistro are of the highest quality and is certified by an animal nutritionist. They also offer free delivery in and around Cape Town.


  • An innovative and out of the box business idea with effectively no competition.
  • Operating in urban locality where the demand of pet nutrition product is comparatively high.
  • Rich knowledge of pet nutrition science from the personal experience of the founders.
  • Meals are inspected and certified by a nutritionist prior to delivery.
  • Delivery at no extra cost.


  • Bismark’s Bistro caters to a very small geographical area. Their operations are currently limited to the city of Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Limited workforce for handling a surge in quantity of orders or to consider and expansion to fresh locations.
  • Lack of certification from regulatory bodies.
  • Lack of robust technology backed business processes.

Bismark’s Bistro has immense potential for growth and expansion as a business catering to on demand food delivery for pets. The customisation they offer is currently unmatched by any other existing business in the same segment.

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