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Flightmap Design Studio

Flightmap Design studio leverages the following features:

  • Create custom styles.

  • Use our interactive map themes.

This documentation contains a thorough explanation of Flightmap Design Studio, including explanations of individual components and specific tools. It can be helpful while using the application.

What is Flightmap Design Studio?

Flightmap Design Studio is the Flightmap application for managing your maps data and designing custom map styles. Use this application to build and design a map to your exact terms, editing your own data, utilizing Flightmap provided tilesets, or refining the built-in template map styles. With Flightmap Design Studio, use can design your maps, have multiple themes and use it as per your need.

How does it works?

Maps consits of some styling rules which ensures that how your data should be represented, and a tool that takes those and displays a map.

Styling rules: It defines how your data should be styled in the Flightmap Design Studio style editor, this information is stored in a JSON document that conforms to the Flightmap Style Specification.

What is a style?

A style is a JSON document that coordinate to the Flightmap Style Specification. The style specification is designed especially to render the map as per your data. The style controls almost everything about the map.

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