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Design interactive maps that
suit your business use case

Use the pre-designed templates or create custom maps by editing the
properties of existing set of map objects.

Transform your map information into valuable
data that fits your brand.

Regulate your design

Design every aspect of your map, from adding markers and shapes to defining annotations, from customizing themes to presenting the relevant information on your map.

Highlight relevant assets

Engage your customers by catering them with the view of 3d models rather than showing 2d images of buildings, terrains etc. You can even display the label of measurement in feets or meters depending upon your target audience.

Edit the dimensions of attributes

Highlighting attributes like roads and lanes with different colors and adjusting their width and height proportionally according to the screen size will also provide a degree of specificity which in turn will lead to user engagement and retention.

Show POI's that fit your brand

There's no point in emphasizing POI's related to logistics industry if your business solely focuses on food delivery. Provide meaningful insights like number of stores opened, daily timings etc. based on your business use case

Search in your native language

Multilingual support is the most desirable addition in customization. Search in your native language and get instant results in any corner of the world.

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Alerts API

Provide instant updates about the real time information via pop-ups to your customers Learn More

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