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Optimize your business operations by integrating our Smart Alert API's

Notify Real-Time information and reminders
to smoothen the delivery journey

Provide Real-Time alerts

Make informed decisions for your business regarding
the dynamic traffic conditions by providing real-time

Analyze driver's performance

Keep a check on your driver's performance and update
him with precautions like notifying him about rash
driving etc.

Notify State based alerts

Realize the current state of your driver and send
state based alerts like alerts regarding ETA etc
to your customers.

Filter out alerts based on POI

Include, exclude or even modify the existing set
of notifications from a predefined list based
on your business use case.

Smart solutions that we offer

Get a competitve edge in the market by integrating these solutions in your business apps

Advanced Route

Optimize your resource planning by delivering the fastest and shortest route possible Learn More


Optimize our mapping infrastructure as per your business use-case. Learn More

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