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How to Build an On Demand delivery App?

By Tanvir Singh 14th August 2020

The concept of how to make an on-demand delivery app has become sensational for various entrepreneurs. There is an on-going replacement of traditional businesses with an on-demand delivery app working model. This has spiked the interest of business owners to get along with the process of how to create delivery apps  for their customers. If you are among those forward-thinkers, ready to dive in the pool of competition, this write-up is meant for you.

Before we step forward, here is a piece of relevant information to enlighten your thought process to create a delivery app.

  • On-demand delivery app for food market will reach $161.74 Billion by 2023.
  • 60% of customers are ready to pay extra for doorstep deliveries
  • 49% of customers are millennial, embracing the surge for on-demand deliveries
  • 63% of employees are more than happy to work under on-demand business model

Now, we all know why a business needs a delivery app in today’s time. Let us dig in on how to create a delivery app for your business.

An on demand delivery app is a mobile app that empowers your customers to order and receive the products / services from you at their doorstep”!

As the new face of the market, these on-demand delivery apps have become an integral part of a business journey. Let us take you through the whole process of how to create your own delivery app. 

Simple Steps to Follow to Create an on-demand delivery App

  1. Choose the layout of your app: Identify the market and define it to your customers by picking the right theme to build your on-demand delivery app. Opting for a white-label delivery app can serve the purpose. 
  2. Choose a separate app version for end users:  It is important to own a separate delivery app with exclusive features for customers, delivery agents as well as for the admin. It will help offer the required features to all app users. You can always talk to experts to know how to create a delivery app for your business.
  3. Choose a perfect delivery management software: Again, for every technical aspect in your app, you need robust software that understands the app needs just like an on-demand delivery app. Tookan, being awarded as one of the most powerful delivery management software, can help you with this. 
  4. Get analytics tracking for your delivery app: Last but not the least, get a complete data tool kit of your app performance, log in count, user count, delivery/ order and many more. If you want to know how to create a delivery service app that showcases complete analytical reports, talk to team Tookan.

With the above-mentioned 4 processes, you can easily learn how to make an on-demand delivery app. 

A complete SWOT Analysis of owning the process to create a delivery app


  1. Gives edge among competitors
  2. Earns Customer loyalty
  3. Brings ease to drivers/ delivery agents
  4. Gives quick access to your services/products


  1. Rising need to match the algorithm of demand and supply
  2. Earning customer trust
  3. Serving customers on time
  4. Tracking the delivery agents


  1. Widen your reach in the market
  2. Grow your customer base 
  3. Collaborate with other service providers
  4. Quick Expansion in less investment

Threat :

  1. High risk of competition
  2. Unexpected lag in regulation/ execution
  3. Incompetent delivery app
  4. Lack of Technical Assistance 

So, how to proceed?

Get the right tech partner on board to build a delivery app for your business. Let Tookan take care of the weakness and threat of your business. And, you enjoy the opportunities and strengths of owning a delivery app.

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How can Tookan help in overcoming the weakness and threat to build a delivery app?

Tookan has been a game-changer that can offer you a customized and customer-centric on-demand delivery app in no time. With its innovative features and exclusive offerings, you can get a smart edge over your competitors and can think of making it big. Here is how we can help you to get the delivery app. 

  1. Quick Task Automation: No need to worry about the hassle of matching the demand and supply algorithm! The automatic task assignment feature will allow you to assign the role to the nearest available delivery agent. 
  2. Pick the shortest possible route: In order to let your customers receive their orders on time, we offer the shortest possible route allocation to the delivery agents. 
  3. Get the real-time tracking: Yes, this is possible. Tookan offers real-time tracking of the status of orders through the on-demand delivery app. This helps in knowing the exact ETA and you can inform the same to your customers too.
  4. SDK Integration: Your growing business needs more compatible integrations. Make it possible with Tookan. We offer quick collaboration with available extensions to make your delivery app suitable for all. 

We are revolutionizing to meet your business needs!

Tookan is proud to announce that in all these years, we have been supporting various use cases. If you want a detailed review of how to create your own delivery app for your specific business use case, don’t forget to get in touch with us. Looking forward to serving you better in every way possible with our on-demand delivery app providers.

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