E-Book:The Beginner's Guide to Build a Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Do you want to build a marketplace that sells everything under the sky? Learn how to build and launch your own Multi-vendor Marketplace with the best Marketplace Platform – Yelo

What will I read in this book?

  • Selecting the Correct Business Model
  • The Process to Generate New Marketplace Ideas
  • Challenges of Running an Online Marketplace
  • Success Recipe of an Online Marketplace
  • What is an Online Multi-Vendor Marketplace and How Does It Work?
  • Building Your Online Multi-Vendor Marketplace

    - Code it from Scratch

    - Build Using an Open-Source Platform

  • Vital Features to Add in an Online Multi-Vendor Marketplace

    - For Customers

    - For Vendor-Specific Features

    - Features for Admins

  • How to Acquire Your First Customer and Keep Doing That? Measuring the Success of Your Marketplace Conclusion

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