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Scale your business with the Channel and Reseller partners

By Priyanka 16th September 2020

Is running an online/offline business easy? Ask an entrepreneur who does every nitty-gritty to make more customers. 

After facing a challenging period with a fund headache when you see your company is growing and becoming steady and foreseeable, you feel fortunate. 

But in this competitive world with limited resources, you should look for new ideas to scale your business. For this, you should not overload your employees, or even you can not make a long day. 

Here channel and reseller partners can help you to get more customers. 

In Channel sales, we include resellers, distributors, wholesalers, value-added providers, Independent retailers, Dealers, Agents, and consultants who sell your product or service through third parties. 

Through this, you are adding value to your business. 

How Jungleworks Channel and reseller partner works for you

We have a lot of SAAS companies for Channel and reseller partners. But Jungleworks is an end to end solution for your business scale. Jungleworks provide you product training, account management in their particular time zones, marketing assistance, and new clients. For managing and interacting with clients, Jungleworks offers chat software and access to its internal CRM system. 

Moreover, Here are some steps taken by Jungleworks to make the partnership successful.

  • Create sales and marketing collateral – When you sign in with the partner program, an executive assign you an account manager. The account manager will meet with you and will give you product training. From pitching to live demo for the products account manager will provide a proposal through pre-sales. This is the way Jungleworks help you in generating valuable customers. 
  • The customer is significant – The Jugleworks partner program works for you as a salesperson. Notable of this partnership is that Jungleworks will become your brand advocate and verify your service quality. Specialists from the Jungleworks partner program will do your business more trustworthy.
  • No more doubts with Jungleworks – As a brand owner, you always have questions and doubts. An assigned account manager from the partner will always ensure that help is available round the clock. On a 24/7 chat support system, you and your customers can chat anytime from anywhere. Our account manager is always here to help you to conquer grievances and increase sales. 
  • Research on your products – Jungleworks partner experts find a way to integrate your product and fit it into their ecosystem. In this way, you will get a valuable perception of how much budding in your brand and how a niche responds to your products. In determining new markets for your brand, it will help you.
  • Customer recommendation helps you grow – Word-of-mouth advertisement is successful as over 8 in 10 purchases are influenced by face-to-face guidance. Jungleworks partner system enables you to grasp good opinions from customers through a 24/7 chat support system. Our onboard executive is always here to help your customers every time. 

If you dare to dream big, you need to put in those extra smartness efforts to accomplish it! In this competitive market, you need an outstanding online presence to make your business successful. 

The Jungleworks Partner Program is tailor-fit for IT consultants, entrepreneurs, marketing agencies, technology resellers, software developers, and virtually anyone passionate about technology and on-demand businesses. Jungleworks Top class sales team that’s incentivized to sell with you. Our regularly updated training modules and content keep you updated on each and everything in the business world. Get in touch with us to learn more about our partner program or start your online application by clicking here

‘A good businessman sees where others do not see.’

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