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On demand Delivery: Strategies to Grow Your Business

By Vishal Thakur 13th July 2021

A single tap of a smartphone can get you delivered almost anything to your doorstep. On demand service is perhaps the quickest means to sell a company’s product/services. Starting from food delivery, health & care, fitness solution, and many more services can be availed within no time. According to research, it is estimated that by the year 2025, the on demand sector will be worth about $335 billion. 

on demand services data

The above image shows the statistics of American consumers who spend an average of 57.6 billion dollars in various mentioned sectors of the on demand services. 

With the ever-changing technological and corporate trends, a company must have a proper blueprint to evolve and grow to retain its business. A company must choose the ultimate combination of technology and human resource to enable the required consumer revolution and ensure better customer services.    

But the question is ‘How?’

Here are a few tips that might help you retain and grow your on demand delivery services.

1. Smooth User Interface 

You should create an on demand delivery app with an easy-to-use and enjoyable interface. The website and the app are the first two things through which the customers are introduced to your on demand service. They create the first impression. Thus, your website and the on demand delivery app must be neat and appealing. The customers should know the services that they are paying for. They also should get a detailed fee division, including taxes, for better understanding during checkout.

on demand delivery app user interface

2. Maintain Speed And Accuracy

Build an on demand delivery app with a quick response time and accuracy. Accuracy in the services of your on demand service app will help you establish trust among your customers. Similarly, good speed will ascertain that the customers spend less time receiving their required services.

Also, good accuracy makes sure that the right set of skills and tools are utilized to attend to the customers’ needs. For example, a person ordering an uber for six should not get a car with a maximum capacity of 5. So, it is critical to showcase your on demand delivery services as fast and accurate.

3. Analyse Data Around You

Information like the stocks, location of service providers, and the customers’ location can play a crucial role in providing microdata needed to enhance the effectiveness of on demand delivery apps. 

These statistics will also help your business align with the supply and demand of the market.

Additionally, a company should incorporate the concept of big data. Big data will ensure that the newly launched company has the right equipment like an area’s statistics to reap the benefits of an ever-growing market. Thus, if you plan to make an on demand delivery app for your new company, consider big data.

4. Target the Right Audience

Targeting the wrong audience will let your company shut down before even reaching break-even. Thus, it is both crucial and critical to emphasize the right audience when opening your new on demand delivery services. For example, if you are providing on demand delivery of tattoos at home, you might want to focus on the teenage group.

on demand services target audience

5. Do Not Forget to Advertise Your Product

Advertising is one of the most important factors that push a business to new heights. To establish a hold in the competitive market, you need to advertise your products in the best possible ways. The customers should understand why your on demand delivery of services is unique and better compared to others.

Adopt the unique GoPro strategy where the customers are asked to share their experience in images or videos. These can be used as both testimonies and advertisements to attract new customers. Take the help of social media to boost the concept of your services/products.

6. Loyalty Offers

The customers that are planning to buy your on demand delivery services must feel that they are special. They must feel that you are providing exclusive offers only for them. Be it an existing customer or someone new to your product, if they receive something exclusive such as loyalty offers, there is a huge possibility that they might re-purchase your services/products.

However, you must be aware of the profit and loss you will encounter while providing these exclusive deals. Indeed, it is a lucrative strategy and will help you grab a good market share, but at the same time, it can be costly and may backfire.

7. Do Not Compromise on Strategies

You must create an on demand delivery app only after you analyze the market and its behavior. Being a new player, many might struggle to develop the best strategy in one shot. However, apart from the trial-and-error strategy, a company must have a proper strategy funnel to foster the company’s growth. You must implement adequate research before launching your on demand delivery services.

While creating the strategies, you should align your goals following the target audience and the on demand service you are providing.

on demand delivery business strategies

8. Constant Innovation

After you build an on-demand delivery app, you should not rely on the first version of your product. Meaning, with time, you and your services should undergo constant innovation. There is massive competition in the market. To thrive, your company needs to update and innovate its on-demand delivery app.

You can take suggestions from the experts or get inspiration from the top performers in that particular sector.

on demand delivery innovation

Strategies That Help To Grow Different On-demand Businesses

On-demand delivery is one of the most common platforms where the customers receive a direct service/product from the seller/company. It eases the process of getting a product/service for consumers. The business idea is here to stay and enhance the way we purchase services or products.

Broadly, on-demand business is based on three types of models:

Customer to Customer(C2C)- A customer connects with another customer to receive the product. Example: Airbnb, OLX, eBay

Business to Business(B2B)- Platforms that directly connect to the business. Example: Flipkart, Amazon, UrbanClap

Business to Customer(B2C)- Customers connect with businesses to avail services or buy products. Example: Nike, Dominos, Pizza Hut.

This article provides some insights into key strategies that can be used in various on-demand businesses.

On-demand Food/Groceries Delivery

According to Statista, the net worth of on demand grocery delivery services is expected to cross 20 billion which is why, 

  • The companies that deliver food or groceries must provide as many options as possible for the customers to order.
  • You should also be aware that multiple options can lead to a lot of wastage if not sold in time.
  • The food/groceries should be delivered within a fixed amount of time.
  • Quality is a ‘must’ when delivering food or groceries.
on demand food delivery app

On-demand Home Service

  • From plumbers to technicians, you must diversify your services.
  • The workers must be trained and should be provided with the right tools.
  • Should offer review features, to help filter the best service providers, which ensures quality service.
on demand home service

On-Demand Transportation/Logistics

  • The time between the ‘order placed’ and ‘order received’ should be minimised as much as possible.
  • The on demand delivery prices should not exceed the market prices.
  • The customers should easily track their products in real-time.
on demand transport service

On demand Medicine

According to statistics, 79% of individuals prefer telemedicine over physical visits to the doctor. Therefore – 

  • You can provide a subscription offer for individuals who need the same medicines throughout the year.
  • Ensure your stock has all kinds of medicine to reduce bounce backs. Customers may avoid using your app if they do not get their desired medicine in the first use.
on demand medicine

On demand Taxi

  • Your assigned taxi should ensure the safety of both the drivers and the customers.
  • An efficient feedback system must be established for both drivers and customers to ensure safety and quality service.
  • The drivers should be skilled and should have a good experience of driving cars/taxis.
on demand taxi


Delivering the best and staying at the top is what every company desires. Right from healthcare to restaurants, every business adopts various strategies to stay ahead in the game. However, rather than focusing on the competition, you must focus on creation. Creating value for your customers, creating an impact in society, and creating quality service will boost your reputation and value. 

The on demand delivery sector is multiplying, so is the amount of innovation. Thus, you must be agile and smart enough to witness the challenges. With new obstacles like this pandemic, you need to act even more smartly and creatively.

Take the first step with Jungleworks.  Jungleworks is an end-to-end SaaS solution to help you build on-demand service apps fast.

JungleWorks has a unique suite of tools and technologies, using which you can boost your on demand delivery business. You can automate deliveries, optimize routes, track orders, and much more with a world-class delivery management solution. Bring efficiency by using features that save time and reduce delivery expenses. 

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All the best!

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