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Infographic: Meet the On Demand Economy!

By Guest User 2nd November 2015

Everyday, we are waking up to the news of something or the other going on demand. Whether it’s beauty or healthcare, food or home chores, transportation or accommodation, every business vertical is being seduced by the charms of the on demand economy (Related Reading – Going On Demand! A Peek into Business Models) There is growing interest in this new order of things and a sense of mystery too. We have created an infographic to introduce you to On Demand Economy, our new friend. Have a look! We have a feeling you’ll like him.

Infographic On Demand Economy

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Facts and Stats to Tweet

  1. In the U.S alone, $9.4B have been invested in the on demand economy in the last 5 years!
  2. Uber is the world’s most valued startup with a net valuation of $50B!
  3. 10 times as many investors are herding into On Demand Startups as of 2010!
  4. America and India submitted 70% of funding applications in Q2 2015!
  5. Favorite Pastime of the On Demand Economy – Disrupting Traditional Markets!
  6. Uber, GrubHub and OpenTable are the best known on demand services in the U.S!

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