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By Aastha Malhotra 16th March 2021

Are you facing delays in your daily business operations? Well, why not opt for an automation software to ensure smooth functioning of all your business activities. We have a solution for your business too and that is Tookan!

Tookan is the go-to delivery management platform for many businesses. This is because Tookan is an end-to-end solution to manage all delivery operations to enhance efficiency, boost sales and deliver exceptional customer experience at scale.

You don’t believe us? Let’s look at one of the customers who used Tookan to automate their day-to-day activities to fill in the manual gaps. This customer, the Indian broadcast satellite service provider, wanted a platform to automate the appointment booking process, reduce delays in tasks, track service agents, and ensure efficient delivery of their service. 

The Indian Satellite Service Provider automates daily operations with Tookan

The Indian broadcast satellite service provider faced major issues with managing appointment bookings and the fleet of service agents. They did not receive real-time updates of booked appointments, agents’ whereabouts, delivery of service, and customer feedback.

The satellite service provider turned to Tookan and with the following features, Tookan solved all their delivery management problems. Let’s dig in!

Booking Form

Tookan’s Booking form allows you to directly create tasks in the dashboard by accepting orders from your customers using a web form from your desired URL name. These are customizable which can be used as per your requirement and business use-case. 

For the Indian broadcast satellite service provider, Tookan booking form has proved to be an essential accessory. With this form, not only can the customer easily book an appointment but the salesperson and customer representatives can also do so on customer’s behalf. 

Tookan provides booking form to the Indian Satellite Service Provider

After filling the form, the appointment automatically gets scheduled in the system and is allotted to the nearest available agent. This feature allows to avoid missing any appointment and ensure on-time task scheduling 

Agent Management

The Indian broadcast satellite service provider wanted a solution to manage their agents. In order to do so, Tookan allow them to: 

  • Create and associate the agent with the portal.
  • Assign agents to respective teams.
  • View details of agents like contact details: email address, phone number, team, job status.
  • View and manage the schedule of the agents based on time slots marked as available, busy unavailable.
  • Approve/block the agent sign up.
Tookan provides Agent management feature to automate operations

The agent app is also protected with a 3D face recognition feature. Only upon completing this security process can the agent login into his account and become available for service tasks. 

To keep the agents motivated and on the right track, Tookan also provides a feature wherein the agent can rate the customer after he/she has completed the respective customers task. 

With the help of agent management, the service provider is able to ensure that the agents along with the customers are content and satisfied with the company.

Real-time tracking

With the help of real-time tracking capabilities on the Tookan’s Dashboard and customer app, the broadcast satellite service provider as well as the customer have been able to track the exact locations of their service agents and use them more efficiently. They are able to get a bird’s eye view of active and idle service agents which helps them in effective capacity utilization. 

Real-time tracking with Tookan

Task Notification & Customer Feedback

Automated customer notifications in Tookan assist the Indian broadcast satellite service provider in keeping their customers well informed with SMS and email notifications.  Instant notifications keep customers in the loop which gains their confidence for the brand and their services. Using Tookan, the broadcast satellite service provider is now able to send a live tracking link to their customers, thus removing the problem of constant follow-up calls from the customers. 

The tracking link provided to the customers is converted to a feedback link upon completion of task. Customer feedback is very crucial for any company since it helps to gain a deeper understanding of customer requirements and improve if there are any gaps in the company’s service. With this, the customer can quickly provide his/her honest feedback to the service provider.

Tookan provides real-time task notification and allows for instant customer feedback

While the manual process of handling day-to-day business operations takes many man hours, with Tookan these processes can be completed within a matter of minutes. The Indian broadcast satellite service provider can easily assign delivery tasks, track service agents, and monitor performance. Customers are also satisfied as they were getting timely notification and are able to track deliveries in real-time themselves. 

Try Tookan for your business today to build your success story!

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