Grocery Ordering and Delivery Guide

Introduction to grocery delivery industry

In less than a year, online grocery delivery has gone from a convenience to a necessity. The COVID-19 pandemic has given an accelerating push to several on-demand delivery services, grocery being one of them. Added to this, the value addition of contact-less deliveries is further helping fuel the momentum. The global grocery delivery service market is poised to grow up to $631.84 billion between 2020 and 2024.

Online grocery marketplace VS a rental retail space

As the stats suggest that the online grocery delivery industry has a vast potential to rise up in the coming years. Here are a few more reasons why you should take your grocery store online – 

  • Cut down your rental expenditure
  • No barriers to time
  • Geographical advantage
  • Contactless doorstep delivery
  • Easy management of inventory and perishable goods


Business Models in the Grocery Industry

Grocery business model can be any of three primary models:

1. Inventory Model: This model is for big grocery business owners who sell their own inventory on their own platform. There are no shared profits in this model.

2. Marketplace Model: This model is for small grocery businessmen who cannot afford to make their own solutions. So they sell their goods on somebody else’s marketplace on some commission or profit-sharing.

3. Hybrid Model: This model is a combination of the Inventory and Marketplace where a business owner can sell his own goods as well as let others sell theirs on his platform.

The most beneficial among the three is the Marketplace model that empowers small business owners by providing them a space to sell their goods. The marketplace owner does not need to maintain any inventory or ship products. Thus, the marketplace owner has a lesser headache and more profits.

How to build a grocery delivery app

If you wish to launch your online grocery business, you will have to undergo some market research. You need to understand your offerings and the services of the online marketplace provider. Associate with the company which provides the below-mentioned services. 

  • The platform should allow you to create an informative marketplace. It should be user-friendly and not complicated.
  • A proper consumer interaction channel to study their patterns and solve grievances.
  • Comfortable setting up and partnering options. Transparency and training programs for growth and development.
  • New technology for delivering the groceries doorstep.
  • Maintain a database of the preferences and choices of potential consumers


How to launch your business online?” I must tell you that you are in the right place. We provide complete mobility solutions to take all sorts of businesses online. 

  1. Code it yourself
  2. Build it using open source codes platform
  3. Build it using a hosted SAAS platform

Code it yourself:

This method includes building the online marketplace from scratch using coding and various programming languages.

Build it using open source codes platform:
In this method, you can create your own marketplace from the open-source platforms by paying a one-time fee.

Build it using a hosted SAAS platform

It is the quickest method to launch your business online. It works on “Rent” system. Like you pay rent for living in someone’s house similarly here you have to pay periodically for using the software services


As an entrepreneur who’s looking to start their online business, you are at the right place. As we have a powerful ordering and delivery system that’s best for your business.

How Yelo can help:

Yelo can help you make your dream a reality with its feature-rich and end-to-end technology solution for a grocery delivery service. 

Web and Native apps

Get an app that will be fully customizable and user-responsive including a native app for both ios and android for improved customer experience.

Customer App

Further, a customer-friendly user app that allows them to access all the features including user profile, social signups, browse products, chatbot support, real-time tracking, easy payment options, and many more.

Merchant App

Merchants can manage their inventory, catalog, manage customers and more things in one go with the merchant app

Ordering Dashboard

Customizable dashboards include order management, inventory management, and overall access control to all the features.


How can Tookan help:

Enhanced productivity 

Get valuable insights about your customers experience by tracking ratings, feedbacks, and better communication 

Smart Analytics

Dispatch partners have access to information and tracking summary for the past 90 days with comprehensive graphical reports.

Route optimisation 

Retrieve the most efficient path for any mode of transportation with Tookan.

Automated Dispatch

Eliminate manual steps by auto assigning orders to your nearest and available delivery agents.


Meaning of Whitelabel

The term ‘Whitelabel’ refers to the process of working on a generic product on behalf of another company (reseller). Have you ever heard of Whitelabel marketing companies? In these companies, the efforts put in for creating a campaign, running, analysing, and improving is made by Company A. Still, Company B can show it as their work to their clients.

Anonymity is the key in whitelabel products. The resellers might not have a team to build the product, but they must have an extensive network of partners and clients to help them market the product and increase sales.

Yelo marketplace offers the best grocery ordering system for all kinds of retailers. With their pre-built Grocery Delivery Management Software, it helps manage deliveries and monitor drivers. It allows consumers to place orders directly through your online grocery shopping service and website.

In a single dashboard, you can manage orders, deliveries, and payments. It improves the online grocery marketplace‘s ROI by providing a streamlined online grocery shopping and distribution experience to your customers.

Why You Should Use a White Label Platform

Looking for reasons why you should consider engaging the services of a white label platform? Here’s why businesses are choosing to use white label apps for their operations:

Expanded offerings: With a white label app, businesses can expand their line of offerings without spending years developing something from scratch. Also, since a white label app is tried and tested, your customers will get to enjoy a seamless experience.

Building brand credibility: Using a white label platform to expand your business also makes you appear more reliable and trustworthy to your customers since your product/service is readily available and works well.

Stronger customer loyalty: Since platform white label apps are ready-to-use, you can focus on branding and marketing activities and build a stronger connection with potential customers.

Faster launch: For businesses looking to enter any market as soon as possible, a white label platform is the way to go since the time taken to launch a white label product/service is significantly lower than launching something built from scratch.

Lower costs: It goes without saying that using a white label platform allows you to save money on development and research. You can skip right past the development stage and start selling your product/service.


How White Label Apps Can Help You Grow Your Business?

Experience and resources: When you use a white label app, your agency benefits from the track record, experience in the space, and a strong solution offered by the white label platform. This experience is priceless, especially for a business that’s just starting.

Focus on core business: White labeling lets you sell a product with your branding on it quite quickly. Once onboarding and training are complete, you can sell the product/service as your own. Moving past the extra legwork needed to develop your own product/service saves your time and energy, allowing you to focus on helping your customers and boosting sales.

Built for success: Your white label partner wants you to succeed because your success is ultimately their success. To enable this, they’ll help you in every way that they can to keep selling and growing your company. This includes training, support, and materials to help you stay an expert on the software and marketing materials to promote your offerings.



The new trends in the grocery delivery industry:

15-minute grocery delivery service:

Now the real deal breaker in the grocery delivery sector is the fast delivery. Companies have changed the aspect of the delivery game with Q commerce. Groceries are now delivered within minutes via the use of dark stores or micro fulfilment centers. These dark stores have helped the companies to deliver groceries faster to the customers’ doorsteps. 

There are many young companies leading this space all over the world. Weezy, Fridge No More, Gorillas, Jokr, Zepto to name a few.

Globally, convenience and speed are becoming increasingly important. Customers trying to make quick trips to shopping online find it attractive to shop at an online store that offers within 15-minute grocery delivery as opposed to next-day or two-hour services. According to data, for shoppers deciding whether to use an online delivery service, a variety of product brands are less important than delivery speed.