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4 strategies to protect your grocery business from Coronavirus Outbreak

By Tannu Sharma 6th March 2020

The sad wave of Coronavirus has blown the world in the past few months. The world is still shaken and is trying hard to make a comeback. In such scenarios, when every tangible and intangible aspect of life is affected, the basic necessities of being alive are also compromised to a great extent. 

Speaking straight about the food and its supply in the market, the Coronavirus impact has shed on it too! The market is shattered and the businesses are finding it difficult to recollect them as a successful entity. Though many fruitful efforts are being taken but still that is not enough. One needs to pull up his socks to fight and win back.  The Coronavirus wave has already proven lethal to many aspiring businesses and is on its way to disrupt the other aspects too. 

This article is dedicated to all the Grocery business owners who are striving hard to meet up the demands of grocery collection and distribution in the market. To stave off from the arrival of Coronavirus, retailers have already locked their doors for the import of products from China. In such conditions, the need to match the algorithm to find the best way out is increasing with every passing second. 

Here are the 4 handpicked key strategies that would definitely help you to protect your grocery business from the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Offer the standardized packed foods

standardized packed foods

To make sure that you are completing your role responsibly, you must invest your energies to offer standardized packed and sealed foods in the market. For example, switching to canned foods and other times that have greater shell life can help you to keep your supplies intact irrespective of outer circumstances. 

Secondly, it would also help in letting you experience less turbulence in convincing your buyers about the hygiene of the food. As people are much haunted by the idea of getting contaminated food, the step to offer sealed food would help in adding some relief to their panic. Moreover, the sealed food needs less care as compared to the open food. Apart from the buyer’s perspective, you will most likely get an easy way to manage the grocery inventory. 

online orders

Switch to online orders rather than offline orders

If you really wish to keep your grocery operations working even in such an epidemic, you need to take help from technology. Switching to an online marketplace where you can showcase and broadcast your groceries can help you to add consistency to your sales. We all know that people nowadays are scared of coming out to a crowded place and shop. So, what is your action plan? Are you ready to compromise over your sales? Surely not! This is why we are suggesting you switch to an online platform. It will serve the dual purpose of making you connected with your potential buyers as well as allow you to stock the groceries as per the requirements of your buyers. 

Give a day off to your sick employees

Many of you would say that no, it is not practical to keep on giving off to your sick employees as it would hamper your business operations. But we will urge you to see a wider picture. What if, because of your one employee, other employees and your surroundings start affecting? Are you ready to pay for it? Surely not! So, what would be a smarter choice to go with? It would be better to skip one employee for a few days rather than shutting down the complete operations. 

Provide Protective pieces of equipment To Your Delivery Agents

We have heard it so many times that prevention is always better than cure. It’s time to implement it on practical grounds too. Whenever you receive any grocery order, make sure that your delivery agents take the required preventive measures. The use of a face mask, the hand sanitizer are a few of the must-to-implement protective measures that will not only save your agents from getting in touch with the contamination but also will help you to win the trust vote of your loyal customers. 

How We can help you?

Fighting against an epidemic like Coronavirus is not a one-day process. It requires a lot of teamwork and patience to bring out the best strategies that can help in surviving such unwanted situations. We at Jungleworks, are keeping our sleeves rolled to ensure that through our contribution we could make a difference. 
We are offering the chance to your grocery store to build its online presence with a vivid and customizable marketplace. It would help you to set up your launch via a strong digital presence. Apart from it, we are also offering robust delivery management software that can allow you to make sure that your grocery products reach on time to the desired location. As we always believe in empowering the business model to reach its full potential, we are here with you to let you overcome this tsunami of Coronavirus. Reach us to know more about how our tech experts can help you in a better way!

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