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What is Fugu Self-Hosted? Fugu Self-Hosted (on Premises) is the self- hosted version of Fugu cloud.
What are the recommended specs for Fugu Self-Hosted? It can be used on Linux operating system(Ex: Amazon Linux 1, CentOS_6.5_x64) with minimum 4 GB RAM, 60 GB Disk space, 2.8 GHz or faster dual processor server. Requirements: MySQL 5.7, .Sendgrid used for outbound Emails, Node, Nginx, pm2, mongo 3.0, redis, monitoring tools
Will Fugu Self-Hosted get automatic updates like cloud? No, given that Self-Hosted will run on your own servers, updates are not automatically applied. However, we can update it around every 6 months with your permission. Our Support Team will carry this out.
Can I evaluate Fugu Self-Hosted before purchasing? Yes, you can begin a Trial of our cloud version to understand the functionality provided by Self-Hosted. If you have other requirements, then Get in Touch with us and we can help you.
Is there a self-hosted version of Fugu with all of the latest features? You will get all the features in Self-Hosted version as that in the Cloud.However the Resource Availability and paid feature you will need to be purchased separately.
Is Fugu Self-Hosted a separate product from Fugu Cloud? No, Fugu Self-Hosted is the self-hosted version of Fugu cloud. You will get all the features in Self-Hosted version as that in Cloud.However the Resource Availability and paid features you will need to be purchased separately. This version is especially for those who want to keep their team communication data in-house and away from public view. Now, you can host Fugu cloud version on your own server.
Is Maintenance included for Self-Hosted? Yes, maintenance is included for the first 12 months of on-going upgrades with unlimited email support.
Is my data secure? Since the Self-Hosted version will be set up and mounted in customers premises, the data security will be fully governed at the customers end.

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