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Creating Engagement through Effective Customer Lifecycle Management- A Field Service use case

By Faizan Buch 30th January 2019

The underlying foundation of a successful business lies in its relationship with the customer and field service businesses are no exception, and may depend even more heavily on customer relationships than other types of business, due to the repetitive nature of those businesses.

Modern CRM puts the client at the center of everything a business does. CRM allows organizations to track and gather information related to customer wants, needs, history, and preferences, and then use that data to provide a better customer experience.

Connecting your delivery management tool with CRM allows you to digitize & transform all your field operations and helps you get an insight of all field team activities. You can track tasks, business income and spends. You can also track how often customers have been contacted,  upcoming customer calls, meetings and mail communications to name a few. Bulbul also allows you to attach images from the field, discuss clients problems in real-time with supported email functionality, refer documents and standard solutions in the products.

Bulbul helps businesses focus on their clients

CRM technology can improve effectiveness at each stage of the life cycle. Bulbul empowers businesses to not only focus their efforts on their client base, but to also better handle their own data and communications. In addition to offering traditional CRM capabilities such as pipeline & contact management, Bulbul delivers email campaigns, tracking, integration with Google, Ring Central and much more. With Tookan-Bulbul integration, all your customers get synced with Bulbul. With Bulbul you get:

1. A Single view of your customer

Your CRM becomes a single source of information for every member in your team. View tasks, add notes and share emails with your customer. View and scroll through the latest activity of your team, be it call, chats, emails or tasks.

2. Effortlessly schedule & track your emails

Send automated customized follow-up emails to your email recipients to open and respond to an important email you sent them. Bulbul allows you to track and schedule emails, track files and create email templates right from within Gmail.

3. Manage your contacts, schedule tasks, send emails, make phone calls and generate reports, all from the CRM.

Search your contacts, edit existing contacts, and add new contacts. We’ll connect your emails automatically to your contacts, so you’ll have a full overview of everything that’s happening with a prospect in one place. You can call contacts from within bulbul, automatically match incoming callers to existing contacts and record their calls as well. Sync your google calendar and schedule calls, meetings & emails so you don’t miss a thing.

Bulbul – Tookan integration is ideal for service teams that want to digitally transform their field force management and is best suited for business from industries such as consumer durables, B2B machinery, real estate, furniture, electrical and electronic appliances etc.

Modern customers have an opinion on how they do business, and companies that listen to that voice are discovering that a personalized customer journey is what customer wants. All it takes is an effective customer lifecycle management tool for the business to make an effort in this direction.
Bulbul helps you stay on top of what customer wants and helps you focus on your clients, internal and external.

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