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Client Success Stories of Juggernaut- Lessons to be learned from Jugnoo

By Samar Singla 16th April 2015

“What can we do in 6 months?”

This was a question I asked myself last September. I am the co-founder of Juggernaut and it was growing pretty well given the value proposition we were bringing to the clients. One thing that we were feeling slightly helpless with was helping you scale post-launch from the non-technology perspective. I decided I needed to shift the day to day Juggernaut operations and long-term growth responsibilities to the rest of the team and grow and scale a B2C On Demand Startup.

This series of Blog Posts is my 2 cents on helping you plan for your ongoing success.

A brief background, Jugnoo is building a hyperlocal marketplace to provide everything on demand using auto rickshaws (most common means to go from Point A to Point B in India) for providing both rides and deliveries. Even Uber has been unable to achieve this elusive dream, but Jugnoo is built around the notion of multiple use case from ground up.

Fast forwarding to April 2015,

  • Jugnoo has grown on to an 80 people separate team providing auto-rickshaws, meals and grocery on-demand.
  • Logistics network of 800 autos in 3 cities doing more than 1000 transactions a day.
  • Completed the Seed round of $1 million from Rakesh Mathur (Junglee, FlyWheel), Vikas Taneja (previous investments in Rapportive, PubNub and 500 Startups among others), Kirloskar group and others.


Transaction Graph of Jugnoo

The experience over the past 6 months competing with Uber and Ola (Uber’s Indian clone) and creating a niche for Jugnoo resulted in insights that I believe are at the core of any On Demand business’s success.

I will refrain from giving tips on what does and doesn’t make a startup successful (for a singular reason that Jugnoo has a long way to be clubbed in that category). There are plenty of posts out there from experienced entrepreneurs that do a good job at giving generic tips to entrepreneurs. One such overarching tip in this comprehensive post from Paul Graham a while back talks about the importance of making something users want.

Instead, let me focus specifically on On Demand – business model analysis, technology, scaling

  1. 4 key elements that will impact your Uber like Business Model
  2. 9 core tech modules that power your On-Demand Platform – Insights from Jugnoo
  3. 4 stages of evolution – Lessons in scaling On-Demand Startups

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