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Meet HiyaCar, a UK based Car Sharing Platform Enabling Users to Rent Cars from Owners


HiyaCar is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform, that helps people who own a car to earn extra money by renting it to those who want to drive. Serving the major cities of UK, HiyaCar enables car owners to list their car on the platform along with their own desired rent. Drivers can thus browse through […]

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It’s Smooth Sailing for all Boat Owners, Thanks to Free Board – Client Success Story

There is no doubt that service marketplaces are becoming the usual way to find help. The ease of use is a major consideration. Convenient discovery of services/skills forms the basis of a service marketplace’s offering to clients/customers and opportunities for paid work form the basis of its offering to freelance professionals. This has made an […]

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Meet Favor, the startup delivering anything you want within one hour

The On Demand Economy has dozens of options for food delivery, cab services, courier services, etc. Favor does a little extra than all of these. It is an On Demand delivery service, that can get its customers anything they want from any store in their city delivered within an hour. Favor App lets customers browse through the […]

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Eiya’s "Anything Delivered" platform to make Mexican lives easier – Client Success Story

The eCommerce revolution has turned the “traditional” supply chain on its head. New customer expectations regarding time to deliver, overall delivery experience, and open communication have forced delivery startups to invest in new technological solutions to manage their delivery operations. Consumers now want to have full, real-time visibility over their deliveries. In particular, they want […]

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Meet Chime by SitterCity, the On-Demand Platform connecting Parents with Babysitters

Sittercity is a platform that connects parents with babysitters and has been around since 2001. It is well versed with the problems faced by parents and to solve all these problems, Sittercity came out with Chime, an on demand babysitter service app in year 2014 . Children are one of the most important thing for […]

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Meet Delivery Hero, An On-Demand Food-ordering Service, Transforming The Way People Order Food Online

Delivery Hero is an online food-ordering service operating in 33 countries. They promote delivery service in the digital age, helping their customers find their favourite foods easily and conveniently from home, from work, or on the road. Through their website or via app, they provide an overview of all the restaurants and delivery services. Delivery […]

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Meet 'Share Your Office' a Startup in Sharing Economy Helping Businesses Find Affordable Office Spaces

Share Your Office is a startup which aims to do something similar to Airbnb but not with residential properties. It is all about sharing your office space. Having a well maintained beautiful office is something that all young entrepreneurs dream about once they start a company but it costs a lot. It is a fact that […]

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Meet Wunder, a ride-share startup promoting car pooling in a BIG way

Wunder is a car-sharing platform that is helping people indulge in a car pool with their friends and thus solving the problem of traffic and pollution in a big way. Gunnar Froh, the visionary behind Wunder wants this app to spread to the entire world. With an amazing concept and a hard working team Wunder has […]

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Meet Qlivery, the On-Demand Startup Delivering Anything & Everything

Qlivery is an on-demand delivery startup which helps customers get anything and everything delivered to their doorstep with a tap. The startup uses a combination of technology and logistics to make quick deliveries that too at a very low cost. Qlivery delivers almost everything ranging from grocery items to cooked food, medicines to gadgets and even things […]

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Meet Drivy , the startup that is turning heads in the car renting vertical.

Car is an expensive asset. A lot is spent on its insurance, servicing, loan payments etc. And despite the expense it remains underutilized  most of the time.  Ever thought you could make money from your car when it is not being used? Well Paulin Dementhon did think about it, along with the aim of  providing […]

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