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Meet QuikForce, an On-Demand Startup that has Made Moving Simpler

QuikForce is a startup that provides professional moving services in major cities of the US. Inspired by his dad and learning the trade at a very young age, Desmond Lim was well versed with the problems faced by movers as well as customers. As he grew up, he decided it was time to bring the […]

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Meet Getaround, an Online Car Sharing Platform Making it Easy for People to Rent Cars

Getaround is a peer to peer car sharing platform serving the urban areas of San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Austin, Portland and Chicago. Getaround is based on the idea that there are more than 1 billion cars in the world and majority of them sit idle for as long as 22 hours a day. Sam Zaid […]

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Meet DRYV, an On-Demand Startup that makes laundry simple and convenient

Laundry and dry cleaning are not usually something you look forward to at the end of a hard day or a weekend. Dry cleaning companies not providing quality service and often misplacing items has really made it the definition of the word “chore”. Inspired by a bad cleaning experience, Chris Elipas decided to take the […]

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Meet Spokefly, an on-demand bike rental marketplace helping people rent bikes instantly

Spokefly is an on-demand bike rental company that lets anyone rent a bike with few taps on a smartphone. Working on the same business model as a car rental company, Spokefly lets a user browse bikes, book a ride and unlock a chosen bike – all through a mobile app. Currently serving the areas of Austin […]

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Meet Airtasker, a Community Marketplace Enabling Users to Hire Skilled Workers for their Tasks | Startup Story

In your day to day life, you might have come across many situations where you were helpless to complete a particular task. It might be due to your busy schedule or you simply might not be having the required expertise or experience for that task. We all face such situations and hope for someone to help us out. Wouldn’t it be easier if […]

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Meet OYO Rooms, a startup committed to provide amazing hotel stay experience to travellers

On a mission to change the way people stay away from home, OYO Rooms has caught the fancy of travellers in more than 173 cities of India. OYO Rooms has disrupted the hotel industry by bringing 4500+ non-branded hotels under a brand name and is offering amazing hotel stay experience to travellers at an affordable […]

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Meet ParqEx, a marketplace helping people find or list a private parking spot in Chicago

Dealing with major parking problems ? If you are living in an urban area your answer is probably yes!!. Vivek Mehra founder and CEO of ParqEx was apparently dealing with the same problem when he decided to find a solution for the same. ParqEx is an online platform based on the marketplace model which is […]

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Meet Labstreet, an on-demand platform bringing diagnostic labs to patient's doorstep

LabStreet is an on-demand platform that makes it easy for patients to get diagnostic tests done at their doorstep from leading laboratories in the city. On a mission to add more transparency and trust in lab tests, LabStreet is growing 50% month on month and has reached 150 transactions per day. The startup was founded by 2 […]

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Meet CarNextDoor, a startup making it BIG as a peer to peer car sharing platform

Car Next Door. The name says it all. CarNextDoor is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform connecting car owners with borrowers who wish to rent a self drive car. The innovation and business model behind CarNextDoor has made it a huge success in Australia. The startup has not just made it easy for people to rent a car […]

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Meet Inayo, an On-Demand Healthcare Marketplace | Startup Story


Inayo is an on demand healthcare marketplace that is making it easy for people to get medicines and other healthcare products at their doorstep with the help of a tap. Inayo has been founded by Raunak Jain, CEO (ex Flipkart), Abhishek Sinha, COO (ex Housing) and Purna Chandra, CTO. Inayo is one of its kind startup catering […]

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