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Here's How Cargomatic, an On Demand Shipping Platform, Became so Successful


Cargomatic has become a famous name in the shipment industry as it instantly connects shippers with licensed carriers owning a truck to process shipments. In the era of On-Demand platforms, Cargomatic has came out to be a big success as it has not just secured funding amounting to $11 Million (till Dec 2015) but has […]

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Meet 'Schlep' – Helping people find a neighbor with a truck for easy logistics – Startup Story #31

Finding help when you got something to be moved from one place to another is not that easy. Schlep, an on demand startup in logistics space can make your task super easy by connecting you to someone who has a truck and is willing to lend a hand. This week, we bring you the success story of […]

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Your ‘Dose’ to a painless doctor-on-call experience – Startup Story #30

This week, we bring to you the story of Dose, a medical on-demand service that lets patients call doctors to their location and consult them online. In an interview with Jade, founder of Dose Healthcare, we find out what led her to found a startup in the healthcare on-demand space, what makes Dose so successful and […]

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Honk – providing fast roadside assistance in breakdown situations – Startup Story #29

What will you do if your car breaks down while you are on the way? Ah, it can be quite a hassle to get some help on the road. Making such breakups less stressful is HONK, an on demand app which offers roadside assistance at amazingly low prices, that too with an ETA of 15 […]

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Xitij Kothi talks about how Parcelled picks, packs and delivers on-demand! : Startup Story #28

This week we bring to you the startup story of Parcelled, an on demand logistics service that’s making waves in India. In an interview with Next Juggernaut, Xitij Kothi, Founder and CEO of Parcelled, talks about what led him to found it and where he sees it going now that it has secured both funding […]

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How oToBOTS is becoming USA’s trusted car mechanic – anytime, anywhere! : Startup Story #28

How many times you have had to put aside a weekend for getting your car serviced! Plenty, I am sure. As the roads become busier and vehicle maintenance costs spike up, getting your car out for service can be a pain. oToBOTS aims to solve that by connecting car mechanics and car owners. As it […]

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Give a big hand for UrbanClap, on a mission to make your life easier : Startup Story #27

We live in a world where time is of prime importance. So often we end up putting our important needs and wants on hold because we can’t find enough time from our busy schedules or find the right person to help us do that. As is the case with all the big problems, this one […]

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Chicago based Startup Orunje to offer On Demand healthcare services : Startup Story #26

When we can get Taxis, Food, Beauty Stylists, Baby sitters at the doorstep, then why not Doctors ? Remember the time, when anyone would fall ill and the doctor would visit at the doorstep and also providing for urgent care clinic. There’s an App to request any service On Demand these days, the trend is […]

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How Gone App is enabling people to sell anything OnDemand : Startup Story #25

There might be a lot of things around you that are not in use. From large electronics to small items like headphones and from gadgets to other items, a lot of things that were once your favourite are often left to gather dust. With Gone app, you can sell your old items without any hassle. The business […]

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How Pick My Laundry provides On Demand Laundry services in Gurgaon : Startup Story #24

In the era of On Demand economy, almost every service you could imagine is available through an app, be it food, transport or groceries. And entering the space now are apps which let you outsource household chores such as cleaning, cooking, home maintenance and even laundry. Pick My Laundry is one such Service provider, as […]

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