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IOT for Health: Enter Braincheck

Those closely observing the sharing economy will notice the recent surge in investments as concerns the healthcare sector. From Practo to Heal, all sorts of apps are now making healthcare available remotely, and this has an extremely desirable consequence – the revolution of healthcare through the IOT. The Internet of Things (IOT) is a buzzword […]

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The 32-Minute Promise: Unveiling Deliveroo

The Who and the What Who are Deliveroo? Well, feigning ignorance about them in the on-demand world would be problematic. Deliveroo happens to be one of the most efficient food delivery companies, based in London. The UK has one of the most favorable on-demand markets and this startup has just been valued at one billion […]

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Fuel Up for Gas on Demand

The Service We have a bit of a crisis, or a bit of a blessing when it comes to the on-demand economy. With so many upcoming entrepreneurs having bright ideas, and companies increasingly investing in the idea business itself – it may be hard to separate the useless from the necessary, or even desirable. With […]

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Grab: On-Demand Taxi Battles

The Service GrabTaxi, now rechristened ‘Grab’ because of the company’s expansion into general transportation, is a noteworthy contender in the on-demand transportation market. With market giant Uber dominating the scene, a lot of these start-ups go unnoticed. Grab wishes to make its presence known. This is indicated by its recent tie-ups with Lyft and Ola, […]

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Conweigh: Simplifying Shipping Woes, On Demand

SOLAS – Diagnosing the New Shipping Demand On the 1st of July, 2016, the International Maritime Safety Committee bought a new decree into effect: The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Seas’ (SOLAS), will require that shippers verify gross container weight prior to shipping. What does this mean? Well, anybody dealing with shipping […]

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ibiLive lets you be Anywhere, Anytime- Virtually! – Client Success Story

Too busy, miles away or simply don’t feel like checking something out in real life? Sometimes we need to be in several places at once. Luckily now we can! With ibiLive you can establish a virtual presence by sending a request to someone nearby to make a live stream for you. Making it possible to […]

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Jugnoo, India’s leading auto-rickshaw aggregator – Client Success Story

  There is no doubt that ride hailing apps are here to stay. Previously have these applications been more or less limited to cars, until Jugnoo came and introduced the concept into the auto-rickshaw market. Founded in 2014, Jugnoo has ventured into the industry as one of the leading auto-rickshaw aggregators with 30.000 people transacting […]

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Blow LTD, London’s Leading Beauty on Demand App Brings a Salon to You – Client Success Story

Mobile commerce industry is growing bigger by each passing day. Once having experienced the ease and convenience of Uber, people now want to avail all types of services at their doorstep. Beauty services are no exception. Tapping the early trends and serving people with Fast Beauty On Demand, Blow LTD has become a leading name […]

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Meet Turo, a Peer to Peer Car Sharing Platform Making it BIG in the US

There’s no doubt in the fact that sharing economy is thriving at a pace that has never been experienced before. One such startup matching this pace is Turo, a car sharing platform that lets car owners earn money by renting their cars to those who need them. From a small startup to acquiring 2 companies […]

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PhotoSesh | Highly Rated & Affordable Photographers On Demand – Client Success Story

Gone are the days when photography was limited only to digital photo studios. Nowadays, every occasion and event needs photography. Be it birthdays, engagement parties, baby shower events, a family celebration or a simple photoshoot of your beloved children. Every casual event demands professional photography to capture those unforgettable memories. But the problem arises when […]

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