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A Day in the Life of an On-Demand Consumer

The on-demand economy has radically altered our lifestyles. It promises instant gratification, convenience and surprisingly low costs – all at the touch of a button. This package has made it possible for the on-demand consumer to make savings both in costs and time. How do these savings factor into an average on-demand day? Here’s a […]

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Supply-Demand in the Age of Geo-Analytics

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The Juggernaut Approach To: On-Demand Home Services

We believe that the on-demand economy is approached with caution for one simple reason: A lack of knowledge. A lot of upcoming entrepreneurs fill their minds with misconceptions and technicalities, inevitably shying away from these business models – which is lamentable. We at NextJuggernaut believe in empowering you with the necessary knowledge to do away […]

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Infographic: Meet the On Demand Economy!

Everyday, we are waking up to news of something or the other going on demand. Whether it’s beauty or healthcare, food or home chores, transportation or accommodation, every business vertical is being seduced by the charms of the on demand economy (Related Reading – Going On Demand! A Peek into Business Models) There is growing interest in this […]

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Infographic: Recurring Costs for Third Party Integrations in On Demand Apps

Recurring Costs for most common third party Integrations in On Demand Applications. When developing an On Demand App, there are many third-party tools that need to be implemented or integrated into the software. These tools all fulfill various purposes from SMS and VOIP to mapping to server hosting. Most of these have their own variable […]

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Infographic: Why On Demand Mobile Services are the Future

On Demand Mobile Services Infographic

Feeling hungry? Food from your favourite restaurant is only a tap away. Need to get somewhere urgently? A Cab ride is only a tap away. The customer today requires that everything is just a ‘tap away’. This is the new ‘Generation Touch’, where instant gratification has changed from a luxury into simply a way of […]

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Infographic: Understanding the Sharing Economy

We’ve learnt it in pre-school and we’ve been doing it ever since – sharing clothes, food, bikes, toys and old rugged musical instruments that we once used to play with, and now no-longer need them. Imagine this idea being extrapolated to a global scale. That idea then evolves into what we call a Sharing Economy […]

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