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Infographic: Understanding the Sharing Economy

By Parag 11th September 2014

We’ve learnt it in pre-school and we’ve been doing it ever since – sharing clothes, food, bikes, toys and old rugged musical instruments that we once used to play with, and now no-longer need them. Imagine this idea being extrapolated to a global scale. That idea then evolves into what we call a Sharing Economy or Collaborative Consumption. It has broken barriers and created newer interpretations of how technology can transform business models to enable greater degree of sharing in the human race, then what has been customarily achieved. Named as one of TIME Magazine’s 10 ideas that will change the world (2011 edition), the following Infographic attempts to throw more light on this idea.

Sharing Economy - Infographic

We have tried to be as comprehensive as possible, but if you feel that we have left something out, please comment about it. Share this infographic and spread awareness on this idea. If you likes this, we suggest you check out our On Demand Economy Infographic that will give you an overview of everything on demand.

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Facts and Stats to Tweet

    1. Sharing Economy is based on ‘access to’ rather than ‘ownership of’ physical and human assets. »tweet«
    2. Sharing Economy is one of TIME Magazine’s 10 Ideas that will change the world. »tweet«
    3. Companies that provide access over ownership could generate $3.5 billion in 2013. »tweet«
    4. $2.46 billion funding in Sharing Economy startups in the last seven months. »tweet«
    5. Monetize excess and idle inventory using the Sharing Economy. »tweet«
    6. Dissatisfied with the Consumerist Culture? Turn to the Sharing Economy. »tweet«
    7. Need more Resources? Why buy, when you can Share! »tweet«
    8. Collaborative Consumption was coined for the first time in 1978. »tweet«
    9. Investments from Lending Club total $2.6 Billion. »tweet«
    10. Consumer P2P rental market is worth $26 Billion. »tweet«

“Some Shameless Publicity”

  • 11. Juggernaut is a technology provider for sharing economy solutions »tweet«

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