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    Is Coronavirus Epidemic a threat to the Real Estate industry?

    The current COVID- 19 spread has shown its harsh consequences to the world. If we talk about its miserable effects on businesses, we have a sad report in our hands. With the people adopting to quarantine themselves to avoid the unexpected infection of Coronavirus, many businesses’ revenue is at stake. Talking religiously about the Real […]

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    Heading towards a successful Rental Marketplace using Tiger’s Customer Mobile App

    Tiger Customer App

    The increasing popularity of the Shared-Economy has given rise to several multi-billion dollar industries. One such concept is of the Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces. Many different types of P2P Marketplaces have come into existence ranging from property rentals like Airbnb, money-lending platforms like CurrencyFair, car and bike-sharing platforms like Uber, etc.  Any Marketplace becoming big like the […]

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    Banking Automation: NLP in the Finance Industry

    NLP in banking

    The multiplied growth of data from various sources like- Internet, electronic devices, social media, etc. is flooding the databases. But in-turn it is providing organizations in the finance sector bountiful opportunities to improvise their business.  Research shows that more than 80% of the data in the financial sector is unstructured. Data present in the form […]

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    Business Analytics VS Business Intelligence

    BI VS BA

    For your business to thrive, you need to know what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve. That much is obvious. But figuring out how to go about it? That’s the tricky part. The sheer quantity and scope of data produced and stored by your company can make it incredibly hard to peer through the […]

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    5 Major Use Cases of NLP in the Healthcare Industry

    NLP In Healtcare industry

     Artificial intelligence (AI) is progressively being adopted across the healthcare industry, and probably the most energizing AI applications leverage natural language processing (NLP). NLP is a particular part of AI concentrated on the translation and manipulation of human-produced spoken or written data. In this blog, we describe a couple of promising NLP use cases for […]

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    AI Smart Implementation in Analytics: The NLQ Use Case


    Natural Language Processing is becoming more important in the field of Human-Computer Interaction. This paper addresses a search interface to convert Natural Language Query (example English Language) into the database system understandable language without having knowledge of system language. The main goal of this system is to provide communication between human and computer without recalling […]

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    Uber For X – Laundry Service

    Uber For X

    At present, the business concerning on-demand laundry services is blasting with plenty of apps embracing the Uber thought identified with all parts of laundry services everywhere throughout the world. The interest is likewise incredible for the equivalent with the launch of apps like Cleanly, TaskRabbit, and such. It is prosperous for organizations to build up […]

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    4 Service Businesses that drive the On-Demand Industry

    On Demand Industries

    The on-demand economy is supplanting traditional business models faster than we anticipated. The administrations combined with two or three applications empower the provisioning of products and enterprises. With the rise of new companies like Postmates (anything accessible locally), JustPark (parking), task rabbit (handyman) and Airbnb (hospitality), Instacart (grocery), this surely working out as expected. Did […]

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    How On-Demand Apps are Bringing Revolution In Healthcare Industry

    Looking at the way in which innovation is affecting our lives on a large scale, there are no inhibitions in tolerating that we all have been long waiting to see the effect of medical on-demand applications on patients and society at the large scale. In any case, the hold up is over now as we […]

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