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Heading towards a successful Rental Marketplace using Tiger’s Customer Mobile App

By Nitin Gangwar 17th March 2020

The increasing popularity of the Shared-Economy has given rise to several multi-billion dollar industries. One such concept is of the Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces. Many different types of P2P Marketplaces have come into existence ranging from property rentals like Airbnb, money-lending platforms like CurrencyFair, car and bike-sharing platforms like Uber, etc. 

Any Marketplace becoming big like the ones mentioned above, didn’t achieve that in a night’s success. It takes a considerable amount of sleepless nights to get there where they are.

But, what does it take to have a thriving marketplace?

If you’re also running a P2P Marketplace or generally into any business, you probably know that several things work out and several don’t. Success is like a dish’s recipe, where you have to have all the ingredients present on your shelf. Because of the absence of any of the ingredient will ruin the dish. 

Similarly, while running a P2P Marketplace, you must have your applications and website ready before approaching your potential customers. A lot of Marketplaces today are just running their web Applications and not-having any mobile application. They try very hard to approach their clients by running online marketing campaigns, doing campaigning, bringing exciting offers, etc. But, most of the time, they fail. And, a lot of times miserably. But, the one fact that they were unable to observe is that more than 98% of the users that make any purchase through e-commerce store or any marketplace are smartphone users. 

Hence, it is vital for any business’s strong online presence to have a mobile app also. 

Benefits of having a Rental Marketplace Mobile App

  • Increased Brand Recognition

A nicely-built mobile app with keeping in mind the best UI/UX practices can boost a brand’s loyalty among its customers. On top of that, a brand can easily send relevant notifications to its customers effortlessly, thus, strengthening the bond between the duo. 

  • Help you to stand out

Mobile Apps are still not present in every business’s armory; hence, if your business is having one for its own, it can help you to increase customer engagement resulting in more sales and conversion. 

  • Opening doors for more targeted marketing

Mobile Applications offer an excellent platform for communicating your brand’s promotional offers, product launches, new additions, etc., to customers. 

One can get detailed information about the customers like demographic details, shopping behavior, and the location history. These details help the marketers to curate more targeted and better marketing campaigns for their brands. 

  • Increased Visibility in a competitive world

In a competitive world, where every brand is fighting to catch the attention of customers, launching a mobile app on mobile app stores where the competition is relatively low as compared to the web can be a great move to aid in boosting conversions. 

Launch your Marketplace’s Customer Mobile App with Tiger

Tiger is a one-stop solution for every aspiring entrepreneur looking to launch his/her P2P Marketplace. It also offers native IOS and Android Apps to its users to stand apart. Important highlights of the Tiger’s P2P Customer Mobile App are:

  • Admin Dashboard: Powerful Admin Dashboard with features like Order Management Analytics, SEO and Marketing.
  • Social Sign-ups: Provide your customers easy to log in and sign up mechanisms with social sign-ups.
  • Elegant Themes: Give your customers a thriving experience with eye-catching user-friendly themes. 
  • Unmatchable Performance: Smooth Performance and No-lags so that your customer will stick to your Marketplace.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Tiger today! 

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