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    A marketplace marketing strategy to attract customers and sellers to your online marketplace platform

    The sharing economy has evolved in the past few years, and everyone wants to own their own marketplace where they can sell their products, services, or both. The web-based marketplaces let you share goods, services, accommodation, and relevant information.  To start your own online marketplace platform, it is important to know the cost incurred to […]

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    How to Set a Pricing Strategy for Your Online Marketplace

    Set a Pricing Strategy for Your Online Marketplace

    One of the most significant factors to consider before building a sustainable online marketplace platform is the Online Marketplace pricing. Certainly, the pricing model of an online marketplace determines its success rate, generates better traction and helps both sellers and customers turn a profit, thus resulting in better business.  But in order for you to […]

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    How to Raise Funds for Your Online Marketplace Platform in 2021 and Lean Startup Practices

    How to Raise Funds for Your Online Marketplace Platform in 2021 - Yelo

    From ideation to execution of an online marketplace platform, one thing remains unchanged—“your need for cash!” Raising funds for your online marketplace is not easy, but also not impossible. All you need is the right funding resource to kickstart your journey on building the best online marketplace platform.  But how to do it?  Well, here […]

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    Top Factors That Affect The Online Marketplace Pricing in 2021


    Online marketplace platforms have been around for quite some time, but there has been a surge in demand for such business models in recent years. The reason is simple; most of them offer competitive pricing for consumers. An online marketplace platform must provide enough value for the partners, sellers, and service providers. This is where […]

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    Discovering Your Niche For An Online Marketplace: How To Ace It?

    The online marketplace platforms have been a popular prospect for many entrepreneurs, but there is one significant factor that you need to consider before going with it- “The Niche.” There is a famous phrase- “Jack of all trades,” but being the master of all does not count when you don’t have enough firepower. Here’s Everything […]

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    A Simple Guide To Help You Get Started With Your Marketplace Business Idea

    Marketplace Business Idea

    Sometimes the best Get Started With Your Marketplace Business Idea fail to generate enough traction. More often than not, instead of digging into basics, entrepreneurs end up closing all operations in the survival stage itself. While many ascribe this failure to tough competition, the actual reasons are all over the place: different market requirements, flawed […]

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    What are the different types of revenue models in the online marketplace?

    What are the different types of revenue models in the online marketplace?

    When you think of starting a business, there are three basic types of online marketplace platform models that you will fall in. The Service Provider Model The Outright Seller Model Marketplace for service providers or sellers and buyers If you are a service provider, revenues are significant, but all the hard work is yours. Similarly, […]

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    How To Choose The Right Online Marketplace Software For Your Business

    Choose the right online marketplace software

    Unable to pick the right marketplace building software for your business? The below-listed questions will help you choose a sound marketplace software solution.  When choosing between building an online marketplace platform from scratch or using existing marketplace software solutions, the latter has taken precedence in recent times. It is undoubtedly hard to beat hassle-free, codeless […]

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    Top 5 Online Marketplace Ideas for 2021- The Ultimate Guide

    Online Marketplace Ideas

    The last decade has been one of the most progressive and significant decades in over a century. The breakthroughs and achievements irrespective of major financial setbacks and tragic lows have been nothing short of a miracle. While every industry has striven for the best in the past year, the online marketplace industry has been more […]

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    A Simple Checklist to Validate Your Online Marketplace Business Idea

    checklist for online marketplace business idea

    The evolution of online marketplace platforms has been remarkably huge in the recent decade. Clearly, people love the idea of hopping from one brand to another via a single online portal. When all this can be done from the comfort of their homes, it’s bound to replace the conventional shopping models.  The pandemic certainly has […]

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