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    How to Start a Hyperlocal Flower Delivery Business

    flower delivery business

    Are you willing to start an online flower delivery business? What are you waiting for? We’re here to guide you! Keep reading. Can you picture any important life event without a complement of flowers?  A pack of chocolate may turn up with a diabetic patient, but flowers are the most adaptable and endearing gift people […]

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    10 Strategies for Promoting a Local Business

    10 Strategies for Promoting a Local Business - Yelo

    For survival in the modern market, all local businesses have to learn about various ways of adapting to the new marketing methods. If you are observing a decline in sales, you must realize that it is time to mix your marketing strategy. Even when the small business is showing a profit at the moment, you […]

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    How to start your own grocery marketplace

    Online Grocery Marketplace - Yelo

    What is an Online Grocery Marketplace? An online grocery marketplace is nothing but an online standalone grocery store that allows online ordering, or an online marketplace with multiple store chains that includes grocery items. There is usually a delivery service along with online ordering. Online ordering is done through websites or mobile apps. Yelo is an online marketplace platform that allows […]

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    How Yelo powers Europe’s successful startup with its fast delivery services

    First there was online grocery delivery, then same-day delivery. Then came one-hour delivery. Now a well known startup in London has made 15 minute grocery delivery a thing! Bringing grocery shopping into the hyper-local era, this brand combines its own strategically located fulfilment centers with electric moped and bicycle couriers to accept orders via their […]

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    Fatafat assures excellent pickup & delivery service with Yelo

    “Need something to be bought, picked up or delivered at your doorstep? Fatafat will do it in no time.” Fatafat is the leading on-demand delivery service that helps you get your desired orders on time via a single tap on your app. The Custom Order feature allows you to order literally anything and everything in […]

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    Is Hyperlocal The Future Of E-Commerce?

    hyperlocal marketplace

    We all know that Hyperlocal is an upcoming and significant sector in the E-commerce industry with all the buzz around it since it started.  But why is the Hyperlocal sector getting hot, and how is Hyperlocal going to pan out in the time to come? Let’s see what JungleWorks CEO Mr Samar Singla has to […]

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    Multi-Vendor Marketplace Websites: What It Is and How To Make it Work for You

    Multi-Vendor Marketplace Websites: What It Is and How To Make it Work for You - Yelo

    Online stores like Multi-Vendor Marketplace Websites are giving mortar and brick stores a run for their money.  According to the US Department of Commerce, in the year 2020 alone, e-commerce sales increased a whopping 32 %, while in-store sales surged by only 12%.  Are you planning to dip your toes into the e-commerce business? Then […]

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    How to build a food delivery app like Uber Eats?

    How to build a food delivery app like Uber Eats? - Yelo

    The rise of online food delivery businesses like Uber Eats is one of the most remarkable gifts from emerging technologies to the modern world. It wasn’t long ago that online food ordering was associated only with big restaurant chains such as Domino’s, or was considered a service provided only by the elite restaurants. However, that’s […]

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    How To Set Up An Online Food Ordering System?

    Online Food Ordering System

    Introduction The online food ordering system has become a crucial support system for restaurants. Over time it has become difficult to ignore the benefits of a food delivery system. Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, customers were opting for an online food delivery system to treat their taste buds. The National Restaurants Association has estimated that in October 2019, most […]

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    8 Best Cloud Kitchen Strategies

    8 Best Cloud Kitchen Strategies - Yelo

    Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 crisis has completely changed how we live, do business, and communicate with each other. As far as our habits are concerned, a survey conducted by the CPG sales and marketing firm Acosta, found that 55 percent of the polled people in the U.S. preferred meals at home to eating out.  There is […]

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