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    Is Hyperlocal The Future Of E-Commerce?

    hyperlocal marketplace

    We all know that Hyperlocal is an upcoming and significant sector in the E-commerce industry with all the buzz around it since it started.  But why is the Hyperlocal sector getting hot, and how is Hyperlocal going to pan out in the time to come? Let’s see what JungleWorks CEO Mr Samar Singla has to […]

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    Multi-Vendor Marketplace Websites: What It Is and How To Make it Work for You

    Multi-Vendor Marketplace Websites: What It Is and How To Make it Work for You - Yelo

    Online stores like Multi-Vendor Marketplace Websites are giving mortar and brick stores a run for their money.  According to the US Department of Commerce, in the year 2020 alone, e-commerce sales increased a whopping 32 %, while in-store sales surged by only 12%.  Are you planning to dip your toes into the e-commerce business? Then […]

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    How to build a food delivery app like Uber Eats?

    How to build a food delivery app like Uber Eats? - Yelo

    The rise of online food delivery businesses like Uber Eats is one of the most remarkable gifts from emerging technologies to the modern world. It wasn’t long ago that online food ordering was associated only with big restaurant chains such as Domino’s, or was considered a service provided only by the elite restaurants. However, that’s […]

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    How To Set Up An Online Food Ordering System?

    Online Food Ordering System

    Introduction The online food ordering system has become a crucial support system for restaurants. Over time it has become difficult to ignore the benefits of a food delivery system. Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, customers were opting for an online food delivery system to treat their taste buds. The National Restaurants Association has estimated that in October 2019, most […]

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    8 Best Cloud Kitchen Strategies

    8 Best Cloud Kitchen Strategies - Yelo

    Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 crisis has completely changed how we live, do business, and communicate with each other. As far as our habits are concerned, a survey conducted by the CPG sales and marketing firm Acosta, found that 55 percent of the polled people in the U.S. preferred meals at home to eating out.  There is […]

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    Why Headless Commerce Is the Future of Online Selling

    headless commerce - Yelo

    Headless Commerce: As we foray into newer and better forms of technology, we make the digital space that is much better for all users. The Internet has transformed the way things are done. It is virtually impossible to imagine a scenario today without online transactions being a part of the process. Basically, we have moved […]

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    The Merchant’s Journey Mapping – 7 Essential Steps Every Marketplace Must-Have.

    7 Essential Steps Every Marketplace Must-Have

    Every online marketplace has two key contributors – buyers and sellers (merchants). Many eCommerce marketplaces work hard on their user interface to create an excellent Merchant journey mapping from the onboarding to the final checkout page. For the execution of a fantastic customer journey, an online marketplace needs mapping of each phase.  Similarly, the eCommerce […]

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    What is China’s Community Group Buying Trend & How Does it Work?

    There’s been a lot of talk about the Community Group Buying Trend in the Chinese markets. The reason being – convenience and efficiency it provides to both sellers and buyers. Moreover, it is also time saving and economical. But what is it exactly?  What is Community Group Buying?  The latest trend to disrupt the traditional […]

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    How to Turn Your Store into a Multi-Vendor Marketplace

    Multi-vendor marketplace platform - yelo

    The Internet has changed the world for the better, but people often have growing expectations of it. Consumers tend to prefer multi-vendor marketplaces over independent online stores for the same reason that people prefer malls to individual retail outlets. It gives consumers many options to choose from, allowing them to find just what they need […]

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    A marketplace marketing strategy to attract customers and sellers to your online marketplace platform

    The sharing economy has evolved in the past few years, and everyone wants to own their own marketplace where they can sell their products, services, or both. The web-based marketplaces let you share goods, services, accommodation, and relevant information.  To start your own online marketplace platform, it is important to know the cost incurred to […]

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