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How Yelo powers Europe’s successful startup with its fast delivery services

By Kruthika Vadhera 9th November 2021

First there was online grocery delivery, then same-day delivery. Then came one-hour delivery. Now a well known startup in London has made 15 minute grocery delivery a thing!

Bringing grocery shopping into the hyper-local era, this brand combines its own strategically located fulfilment centers with electric moped and bicycle couriers to accept orders via their own branded app. Therefore, Qcommerce comes into being. Their objective was to spot and fill the gap in the market for online grocery service and to help busy professionals and parents who desire the speed of an on-demand service without an increase in the expense.

Besides enhancing customers’ shopping experience, Q-commerce is reshaping the local food and grocery delivery industry, expanding business opportunities. As with this brand, you must have the right ordering and delivery platform to build the right grocery whitelabel app and to ensure a successful, speedy delivery process.

How does this brand deliver so quickly?

Your fulfilment centers need to be very near your customers, so that when one orders from a limited distance, delivery in 15 minutes can become a common occurrence for your brand.

Top features – Their Ordering and Delivery Software, Yelo included and its importance:

  1. Geo-fencing for multiple micro fulfilment stores – 

A hyperlocal store must be able to open and manage multiple stores in different areas to make grocery storage and delivery easier and faster for customers. Your website & app should be able to manage and display your menu and inventory of all your stores in accordance with the location of your customers. 

  1. Easy Integration of the right delivery platform – 

The success of any hyperlocal ordering business depends on seamless delivery integration. Besides being able to accept orders on your app, Yelo integrates seamlessly with Tookan, a delivery management software. Its mapping algorithm allows you to automatically assign delivery boys or drivers as per their locations and much more.

  1. Heat-maps in your delivery platform – 

Yelo+Tookan’s heat-map functionality allows you to quickly determine where your orders are going-and where you might want to target future fulfilment centres. Your drivers can also use this feature to determine which local locations receive the most orders. Thus, enabling faster delivery.

  1. Payment Integration – 

Another important feature to ensure the quickest delivery is the use of multiple payment gateways with seamless integration. Provide your customers with as many payment gateway options as possible. Payments can be made online using the payment gateway of their choice, resulting in hassle-free payments and an increase in customer satisfaction.

And many more ..

As a result of the pandemic, many food and grocery businesses have diversified their offerings by focusing more on delivery, utilizing technology to reestablish themselves and show their agility. Small and medium-sized enterprises and startups have a unique opportunity to turn the aftereffects of the pandemic into innovation and growth.

Embrace this change, take advantage of the latest technologies, and grow your business just like this one. Yelo offers a 14-day free trial so you can check it out for yourself.

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