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    White Label Software – The Leading Software in 2023

    White Label Software - The Leading Software in 2021 | Yelo | Jungleworks

    Every type of White label product is re-brandable, re-sellable. Here “Re” implies that even though a company owns the product, they can sell it again to another buyer at a price of their choice. The catch is that the reseller can do their branding on the product, and the buyer won’t know who is the […]

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    10 Best Last Mile Delivery Software in 2023

    Last mile delivery is the most critical leg of the shipping journey. A couple of years ago, no one would have imagined having same-day delivery, yet owing to last mile delivery software solutions, it is now a reality. However, last mile logistics is the most expensive phase of delivery; it consumes over half of the […]

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    Jungle Connect Ft. Movin Jain, Director-Product, PhonePe

    All You Need To Know About ESOPs Now that all the chatter about Freshworks going public is starting to die down a little, a lot of questions are starting to arise, a whole lot of them revolving around the idea of ESOPs, what exactly are they, how does it benefit the employees and more.  Here’s […]

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    Jungle Connect Ft. Eugene D., Co-Founder, Tupuca

    “Third World countries are not an ideal place to target for a business!” Oftentimes, we’ve heard organisations say that, focusing on only the Cons but Eugene Dannilenko & his startup Tupuca is a testimony to what potential Angola holds.  Here’s how!   Eugene Danilenko, Co-Founder of, Tupuca is all things interesting as a person. A man […]

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    Bootstrap Garage Ft. Sumit Maniyar, CEO & Co- Founder, Rupeek

    Like Samar calls it, a “Soon-e-Corn” in the startup circuit, Rupeek’s CO-Founder & CEO, Mr Sumit Maniyar is all things passionate when it comes to his work. But he started on a rather off-beat note. But once this IITian was bitten by the Entrepreneurial bug, there’s been no going back.  While the corporate world was […]

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    Bootstrap Garage Ft. Rajat Deshpande, CEO & Co- Founder, FinBox

    Let’s face it, entrepreneurship is HARD! Every businessman’s journey is often laced with a whole lot of RISK, Innovation & identifying opportunities at the time of adversity. Those are the conditions that a real entrepreneur best thrives in & that’s what seems to be the case with Rajat Deshpande as well, CEO & Founder, FinBox […]

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    How To Start Your Online Cake Delivery Business


    Do you want to learn how to start an Online Cake Business from home, but don’t know where to begin? You’re not alone, We are right here to help you create your online cake marketplace! Any celebration is incomplete without a mouth-watering cake. Cakes are an integral part of every celebration. A birthday party, anniversary, […]

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    Indian Blood Services – Customer Case Study

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    honestbee creating superior shopping and delivery experiences | PDF

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    Washmen – Customer Case Study

    Washmen - Customer Case Study
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